The Cleaner (dont know if i should ask this)

  Mad Boy 22:02 15 Feb 2004

I am a registered user of The Cleaner 3.5 (click here) About 3 weeks ago i got a trojan on my PC and had to format, being an idiot i am i lost my registration details, and reciept details :(

I contacted them for support explaining my problem, and due to the circumstances i lost my key and registration details. They said, and i qoute:

"Dear craig,

Thank you for contacting us, due to insufficient license information, we cannot verify that you are a registered customer or Moosoft product owner. Due to lack of information, we cannot refund you or send you a new license key.

We are sorry we can not be much more of an assistance,

Kind Regards, The Moosoft TM™"

Notice in my email, it says they cant verify im a registered customer, i complained to them that i am, and that they should check there database or whatever to find my E-mail address. This p****s me off, as they are saying im no longer a registered user, and have never existed, nor are they willing to send me a new key.

What makes it worse is The Cleaner 3.5 no longer exists on there site, as 4.0 professional has been released. I dont want to spend money on the product AGAIN, and have to pay extra because its a professional release.

So what do i do? I really liked this program, it was very powerful, but after my format im stuck with this 4.0 trial.

Can someone suggest another really powerful Trojan scanner (hopefully as good as The Cleaner and FREE), or can someone suggest any ideas to my above problem?

This makes me so mad, knowing that i registered with them, and they arent hardly interested in my circumstances :(


[email protected]

  jimv7 22:04 15 Feb 2004

Try A2 (a squared 2) its free with updates from

click here

  VoG II 22:06 15 Feb 2004
  Mad Boy 22:07 15 Feb 2004

you have to pay, and im mad about Moosoft's "the customer is always right", they show know help what so ever

  Mad Boy 22:08 15 Feb 2004

oh BTW, if you are suggesting any, could you suggest ones which have a background scanner, like The Cleaner.

im going to sue them :(

  Mad Boy 22:21 15 Feb 2004

This is kind of urgent, knowing my system might be at risk, thanks for your helps

  Forum Editor 23:20 15 Feb 2004

before you start talking of suing people.

You contact them out of the blue and ask them to send you a registration key without being able to provide any evidence whatsoever of your registration status. In the same circumstances I would also refuse to supply what you ask. If you sue them you'll lose, and in any case, what are you going to sue them for?

Next time I advise you to keep hard copies of registration keys, so you can't lose them in a reformat.

Incidentally, whilst on the subject of security - it's a bad idea to publish your email address in a public web forum.

  Mad Boy 23:22 15 Feb 2004

I guess, but regardless to me not having details, my email should be registered in there database

  VoG II 23:26 15 Feb 2004

"knowing my system might be at risk" - why is that?

Do you have a firewall - if not click here

  Mad Boy 23:29 15 Feb 2004

I am a proud Zone Alarm pro user :)

But if i happen to get a trojan, im screwed!

Im also using Avast!Home Edition

  Forum Editor 23:33 15 Feb 2004

and creep into your machine - they have to be downloaded. Provided you are careful about where you go and what you say 'yes' to you will be safe enough. I spend many hours a day online and I haven't ever had a Trojan infection.

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