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cleaned RAM and GPU and monitor shows no signal

  Lewis 15:52 29 Mar 2020

OK so I have a gigabyte A320M-S2H motherboard, a GTX 1050, Ryzen 2200G with vega 8 graphics, I have 2x ADATA DDR4 4gb RAM sticks. I have had my PC for a little over a year and a half now and it's just gotten slower and slower overtime. I recently overclocked my CPU because playing COD Warzone is unplayable with my CPU. I decided to turn my over clock down in bios but decided to completely wipe my pc and start anew but I suddenly had a problem where every time I turned on my Pc, my monitor showed no signal until the windows screen showed (which means I could open bios but not see it) and I thought it was because of my GPU settings but apparently every YouTube vid I saw said it was a RAM problem. I scanned my RAM a day before using ram diagnostic tool and there was nothing wrong. So I opened my pc and cleaned my RAM and GPU just incase. Now I can't see anything on my screen at all when my pc turns on. I don't know if there is anything to select after removing and placing my ram back in on my pc because my monitor doesn't show anything. Any help will be appreciated as all I do in my spare time is gaming. I'm 17 so I don't know much about computers except from basics,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 29 Mar 2020

How did you clean the gpu? did you take the card out? have you connected the monitor cable to the correct port on the GPu and not to the mother board port?

if theses are all correct recheck the RAmM is fully inserted (probably OK if motherboard not beeping at you or showing error LEDs on the board.) and remove and refit the Graphics card and retry.

  wee eddie 18:22 29 Mar 2020

You don't mention a "POST" Beep.

If I were you I'd reseat the RAM, and any Cards that you have and, while you're at it check that you have not dislodged any connections (very easily done)

  Lewis 19:42 29 Mar 2020

I cleaned the GPU at first by just brushing it while it was installed. Then I decided to remove the card and brush dust off. I made sure to apply even pressure to each ram stick while inserting. I haven't heard beeps or any LED's flashing. I also reseated the GPU and ram 2 time she to be sure and nothing has come of it. Heck I even took the bios battery out put it back and reset my cmos with the jumper and nothing, I did simple things like reset my monitor and try different hdmi cable. Should I try a different power cable?

  Lewis 19:45 29 Mar 2020

You mentioned

make sure you haven't dislodged any connections. Do you have any examples? I don't know If you mean main hardware or any of the cables connecting to the motherboard

  wee eddie 21:40 29 Mar 2020

If you are getting no POST Beep, then reseat the RAM

  Lewis 08:33 30 Mar 2020

Ok i found the problem. The reason i had no display is because my boot up screen shows on my onboard graphics instead of my GPU. Is it because my intergrated graphics setting in bios is on auto? I plugged my hdmi into much motherboard when booting and I can see my and splash text and al least good. I turned down my overclock in bios and did what I needed to. The new problem is that I have to switch hdmi ports if I want to boot into the bios. I'm ok with that to be honest

  BRYNIT 18:05 30 Mar 2020

Looking at your motherboard manual when a graphics card is in PCIEX16 slot this is set as default when this happens usually the onboard graphics is disabled and you would need to go into the bios to allow the onboard graphics to be used at the same time. From what you have said it looks like the onboard has set itself as the default. If you go into the bios and reset the bios to default I think it's F7 it may change it back to the dedicated graphics card if not have a read from page 29 of your motherboard manual for further info.

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