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Clean-up System Files causes old Windows Updates to be re-applied

  Batch 16:38 28 Mar 2015

I just ran Disk Clean-up, Clean-up System Files.

It removed several hundred MB (which only actually get removed after a re-boot).

Following afore-said reboot and Windows Update doing its check, Windows Update then wants to reapply some Windows Update previously applied (two IE11 updates and two Windows Security Updates, in both cases one each from March and Feb 2015).

Surely the cleanup should not be "removing" necessary updates.

Never had this sort of problem with clean-up before. Anybody else have (or heard of) similar experience???

For the time being have restored an image taken just before the clean-up.

BTW, running W7 32 bit.

  OCTCORE 23:50 28 Mar 2015

It is my understanding, running windows cleanup will remove temp files and maybe previous install backup files, with the option to delete multiple system restore images. I can't imagine running this action would delete windows system files, unless you are inadvertently going back to a previous 'system restore' and windows needs to update again. Is there any impact with this, is the computer running ok ?

It might be all ok and normal and windows is just doing its thing.

  Batch 10:18 29 Mar 2015

Not going back to a restore point as I have System Restore turned completely off.

Everything absolutely fine before clean-up is run. Windows Update (WU) checks once a day (as per schedule) and found nothing before clean-up run. As I said, after clean-up, WU then determines that certain updates that had previously been applied (before clean-up) need to be applied again.

  Batch 17:49 04 Apr 2015

Just got exactly the same on my laptop (previously was on my desktop)

The 4 updates in question are Cumulative Security Update Updates for IE11 KB3021952 & KB3032359 and Security Updates for Win7 KB3004375 & KB3031432.

Most strange.......

  Batch 09:54 05 Apr 2015

Too right - I guessed that at the outset. Was really just wondering whether others had experienced similar (no takers as yet).

  john bunyan 10:16 05 Apr 2015

As a mater of interest, why is your system restore turned off? I sometimes use it if I do not like a newly installed programme, rather than an uninstall. I also make system images, but not as frequently.

  Batch 13:15 05 Apr 2015


As my system partition is only OS & pgms it only takes a few minutes to make or restore a compplete image and I find it much more dependable than System Restore (witness the number of postings on this forum from bods that have not been able to restore successfully). By way of contrast I've never had an issue with images (Acronis True Image 8 with XP and now Macrium Reflect Free with W7.

  john bunyan 14:48 05 Apr 2015


Thanks for that. I also have a partitioned drive and use Acronis or Macrium (different PC's) for images of the OS partition, and Freefilesynch copies of the data one. I do find, though, that an image plus verification takes quite a time, so do it less frequently than I ,perhaps, should. I do use system restore though, with the image as a back up.

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