A clean sweetp for 2011

  jack O'lantern 12:07 31 Dec 2010

So as the new year looms I am going to clear the system and reload a nice new version of XP Pro.
There is a small problem however
There are two systems on my machine. quite my chance this not a deliberate thing.
One resides in sector 'C' and the other has placed its self in the main 'storage' partition 'E'
Ideally then I want to lose one and keep the other- but which?
I assume the one in'C' is the active version- but I cant be sure because I notice that if I install a something all transfers go to 'E' drive.
So may be it is 'E'
In checking the Windows Top bar Help/About,in each I notice the active version has SP3 as it should the other has only SP2.

So I thought thats a clue look in a Windows folder and find out which has SP3-
But having looked in the Windows folder in each I did not detect a folder or file with an SP version.
So where do I look please?

  northumbria61 12:25 31 Dec 2010

"So where do I look please?"
Click Start - Run - Type "msconfig" (without quotes) under BOOT tab you should see something like this -

Windows 7(C:Windows):Current OS; Default OS
- that is the "active" version you refer to.

If another OS is listed it will show and that is the one you can choose to safely delete.

**Note Wndows 7 referred to above is what mine looks like** - yours will refer to your OS

  mgmcc 12:30 31 Dec 2010

Not sure if it will help but, in the copy you're running, if you go to...


...and run the .EXE file, it will tell you which version of Windows is running, including the Service Pack.

  lotvic 14:22 31 Dec 2010

Sounds more like you are going for a 'clean up' of present system, but if you are "going to clear the system and reload a nice new version of XP Pro"
then it's a moot point as presumably you will be wiping the HDD and starting from scratch with install from DVD

  jack O'lantern 14:47 31 Dec 2010

msconfig- cmoes up - notfound [XP Pro ] so there must be a difference there somewhere.

comes up with the desription file- but not were it is located [C or E]

You are probably right- just start over and the chore of reloading every thing.
There aint many shortcuts it seems.

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