Clean reinstallation of XP Home - with SP2

  heidelberg 06:44 29 Dec 2004

I need to perform a clean reinstallation of XP Home edition, including SP2, as things have slowed down considerably, and I have done all I can to speed the system up.

My system is set up as follows:

There are 2 physical hard drives, each containing 2 partitions. Drive C contains the operating system and applications and Drive D, which contains the data, are on the first drive, with a total capacity of about 80GB.

The 2nd Physical Drive contains Drive G and Drive H, both of which contain various backups with a total capacity of 15GB.

What I am thinking of doing is something along the following lines:

Merging the partitions on the 2nd Drive, and installing the operating system and applications, and using that as Drive C. Then keeping the 2 partitions on the 1st Drive (as G & H or whatever) for data, pictures etc on the 1st partition, and backups on the 2nd partition

Doing things this way would enable me, I hope, to work on the reinstallation on the smaller drive, which will remain as slave, and therefore would enable me to still use the computer. When I am happy with the set up, I will switch the smaller drive to be master, and boot from there. The larger drive could then have each of the drives reformatted (separately of course – so as not to lose data) and they would then become slaves

I hope that my explanation of how I have my system setup makes sense. Any comments or observations on this plan would be really welcome. Would it work, if not any suggestions as to a way that would work. I have Partition Magic 7.0 and Norton Ghost 9.0, which I could use to help. I realise that reallocating drive letters can create problems.

Once again many thanks in advance – I always consult the PCA forum before undertaking anything like this, and always take note of replies.

Many thanks


  1514 08:44 29 Dec 2004

After making a clean "Re-install" and setting up your "C" Drive exactly how you want it. why don't you then install Acronis True Image and then make an Image of your perfectly "set up" and clean "C" Drive
and keep the Image on your second drive. Then, when you need a perfectly clean reinstall, ever after, you can use your image. It can all be done within a few minutes!

  heidelberg 08:50 29 Dec 2004

Thanks 1514

Why Acronis True Image (which I don't have) rather than Norton Ghost 9 (which I do have)?


  1514 09:05 29 Dec 2004

I don't have Norton Ghost !! and by the norton ghost problems that I see here, I think that I will stick to "true Image" At the mament I am having some problems with my system and during the last week I have used this method at least twenty times, no kidding. In fact the first thing this morning I used it to get here. I have an external drive that I keep my images on. I say Images as I have more than one. This mornings Image is the Internet Image and then I have others with a lot more of my programmes on. Mind you I am very careful when switching off my eternal Hard drive and I do do it as it should be done as I lost all once.

  naggis 09:08 29 Dec 2004

Heidelburg. I have just done the same as you proposed with the smaller HDD being used for C and D drives. I took the bull by the horns and disconnected the large drive whilst I reinstalled on the smaller drive. No problems. I hadn't thought to make a complete copy of the set up and keep it on the larger disk. Thats worth thinking about - even if a clean reinstall does you a power of good!!!

  keith-236785 09:13 29 Dec 2004

just merge drives C + D into C: then install windows to that, leaving your other drive as F + G unless you have a certain reason for wanting to change drives ie second drive is bigger etc.

i have just the opposite though, my first drive (80 gig) is split into three, C: for windows XP, E: for storing downloaded files/drivers etc and unallocated space in which Linux resides

my second drive (80 gig SATA) which is drive D (dont know why but it is) is a full size NTFS partition

basically you can do what you want but windows is better placed on drive C: unless you are dual booting.

  Pine Man 11:28 29 Dec 2004

If you have got Norton Ghost and are happy with it, stick with it.
I have a dual boot system with C as W98 and D as XP. Both are backed up to a separate drive with Ghost.
When I fitted a new hard drive recently it was very easy to reinstall both operating systems onto the new drive exactly as it was before and XP didn't need re activating.

  heidelberg 18:11 29 Dec 2004


  mattyc_92 19:47 29 Dec 2004

Format the drive that you want to "install windows" onto... e.g. boot from installation disk and delete the c:\ drive partition and then format it to install windows other it!!!!! If worst comes to worst you can reasign letters to your drives once windows has been re-installed

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