Clean Re-Install of Windows 7 with no Disc?

  DJ-Garry 20:46 21 Jul 2014

Hi Guys :)

I have an oldish laptop that is need of a new hard drive. I've got a new 2Tb drive and have backed up all my personal files. The main issue I have is that the OS is a bit tired and beaten up about now, and I was contemplating doing a clean install instead of cloning the drive again (this is the laptop's second new HDD). I don't have a Windows installation disc and I have to recovery partition either (lost in the last drive cloning process).

Is there a way of downloading a copy of the installation files or a disc image so I can use my genuine OEM Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (or a newer improved version, but NOT Windows 8) product key to reactivate it please?

Many thanks, Garry :)

  chub_tor 21:11 21 Jul 2014

You can get it from Digital River Click Here

  alanrwood 22:40 21 Jul 2014

Will they work with an OEM version?

  alanrwood 11:11 22 Jul 2014

I was under the impression that oem serial were not accepted by the images from Digital River so I have learned something here. Thanks.

  iscanut 12:00 22 Jul 2014

Have a look at page 119 in current issue of PCA

  Batch 13:50 22 Jul 2014

I for one have certainly used OEM product keys (e.g. as supplied on the CoA on the underside of a laptop which perviously had a pre-installed OEM version of the OS) with Win7 install images from Digital River with absolutely no problems.

  bumpkin 15:49 22 Jul 2014

I can't see any reason for it to not work. Worked fine when I tried it with a OEM key. I was given the disc by MechKB coincidentally.

  DJ-Garry 09:53 27 Jul 2014

My installation stalled at almost the first hurdle using the download from here ..... it asked for a cd/dvd driver for the device it was already reading the disc with, crazy. It was bought as an oem device and I can't find a driver for it anywhere as it's quite new too :(

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