Clean Re-Install failed!

  Bob The Nob© 11:44 15 Jun 2005

Hi guys, can you help me?

I have recently aquired a second hand 4GB hard drive for free and I put it into my brothers PC (2GB HD, 98MB Ram, P:MMX and non-3d graphics). I decided to format both drives and re-install win 98. BUT when I started setup from DOS the bit where it says 'copying needed setup files...' it hangs the HD stops and so does my CD, I have left it for a day and nowts happened. I tried (i know its stupid) to put Win XP and that hangs on the 'installing setup kernel DLL' bit so what happening??

It cant be the HD becasue they both worked on this PC and others. Could it be the RAM and/or CD?? or could it be something else??

P.S. My Win 98 CD is not entirly legal, could it be the disc gone? My Win XP CD is legal so...

  sil_ver 12:30 15 Jun 2005

You may need to boot from a win98 startup floppy so that CD ROM is recognised

  sil_ver 12:32 15 Jun 2005

It wouldn't hurt to get a legal copy of '98 they're cheap enough these days

  belt&braces 12:36 15 Jun 2005

Have you set you bios to boot from CD first when trying to install XP.

  igr 12:55 15 Jun 2005

I have had this problem before - solved by shoting out the BIOS/CMOS pins and then removing the CMOS battery for a short while. Then reboot and reset BIOS to identify the HD and the boot priority.

  Bob The Nob© 12:03 16 Jun 2005

Well, I have set my pc to boot off Floppy,CD,HD in that order. And I have tried booting into 98 floppy. what ever way I boot up it crashes on 'coying setup files' all the time. I haven't got a CMOS battery but it remember's what boot order it needs and other setup stuff apart from what graphics slot to use (AGP/PCI) from time to time and the time. It used to install 98 alright before even though there hasn't been a battery in for years.

  sil_ver 12:27 17 Jun 2005

Hmm, I suppose it could be a RAM problem. The only way to find out is to either try a different module. or remove what you have and try it again, one module at a time (assuming you have more than one module)

  Bob The Nob© 11:00 21 Jun 2005

ok, ill try that. If it helps my motherbaord is a topgun one. I don't kjnow that model, it secondhand and I never asked but it holds a pentium MMX (233Mhz)

  woodchip 11:04 21 Jun 2005

Check the CPU fan is working OK and CLEAN

  Completealias 14:52 21 Jun 2005

I'd make sure that the hard drive is actually ok boot with a floppy and then run a scandisk on the hard drive do a full surface scan as well just to make sure all is ok and no errors, bad sectors etc.

Even thou the drive was working on another pc if it does have any bad sectors on it this could screw up an install so i'd check that just to rule out the hard drive.

Could be your cd-rom not reading the disc properly I had a problem like this when I was installing on an older comp when I used a different cd drive it went ok try with another cd drive if you've got one to hand.

  zarobian 17:14 21 Jun 2005

Completealias advice is sound. If the win98 cd is a copy, some of the older cdrom will not read it properly.Buy or get from a friend who no longer needs the licensed Win98 cd.
Try this:

Boot the computer with Win98 Startup disk,selecting the cdrom support option.
Change to your cdrom drive letter. May be "E". If not try "D" without quots. Type the following:

E:>\setup.exe /NM press enter.
there is a space between "exe" and forward slash.

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