clean out hard drive

  carnoustiejim 12:48 18 Jan 2010

hi my h/d is 80gb of which was 78gb full done a cleclean out of programs, downloads etc now 73gb fullhow do i find out whats clogging machine up and uninstall them
i have another drive with 143gb free
can you advise me what to do thanks for help kirriejim

o/s wxp home

  User-1229748 13:05 18 Jan 2010

you could delete all but your most recent restore points from disk cleaner

  canarieslover 13:20 18 Jan 2010

Move Documents onto the other drive. Right click on Documents folder, select Properties, alter drive letter on destination folder and Apply. Do the same with Pictures & Music. It takes quite a while to complete the move, depending on how much data you have in the folders, but afterwards any program that saves to these folders will automatically save the data onto the other drive.

  carnoustiejim 13:22 18 Jan 2010

hi smackheadz thanks but im a newbie can you explain what to do kirriejim

  OTT_B 13:49 18 Jan 2010

Worth having a look in Add / Remove programmes to see if unused applications are around.

Go to control panel - add remove programmes. Let the list populate (may take a while) and see if there's anything that can be removed.

Too see how much stuff you have in My Documents, open the My Documents window, select all files and folders, right click and select properties. Give the system a while to count up the files and size (it may appear to stall from time to time, so be patient). That should give an indication if your personal files are clogging up your system.

  michaelw 14:24 18 Jan 2010

You could also d/load Ccleaner and run it to clear out loads of unused files etc click here

  GaT7 16:02 18 Jan 2010

Freeing up more space:

Disk Cleanup click here - look under 'Remove Restore Points'

You can also delete the contents of the C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder. Last time I checked there was ~1Gb in there.

If you have the Hibernation feature enabled, consider turning this off click here. This should give you back ~3-4Gb alone.

What antivirus program do you use? G

  carnoustiejim 18:55 18 Jan 2010

hi thanks for all advice
done as suggested theres 24gb in documents and settings but cant see where to change drive im also running symantec endpoint protection
thanks kirriejim

  User-1229748 19:00 18 Jan 2010

sorry carnoustiejim i've only just noticed your reply and i see crossbow7 has shown the way regarding restore points :o)

  canarieslover 19:02 18 Jan 2010

Here is the information you need to move your 'My Documents' folder to your other drive. click here

  carnoustiejim 20:11 18 Jan 2010

thanks have moved my documents do i now delete my documents in c drive also can i do the same with documents and settings which has 24gb thanks kirriejim

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