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  L818 09:42 31 Jul 2003

I had xp pro installed,but for some reason had error pages always coming up.Found out it was a pirate copy!! I did a clean install over the old version.Problem now is,well,my hard drive is patitioned to c,was the main drive,F: i used for music only G which I used for games. Problem is that the new version of xp pro has gone somehow into F: partition and anything I try to put into the computer automatically goes to the F; area?? Can I reset this?? It used to be in C;

  temp003 10:05 31 Jul 2003

You might have installed a 2nd copy of XP to the F: partition.

Look at what's on your C drive. If you still have the C:\WINDOWS folder, the chances are you have 2 copies of XP, one on C and one on F.

When you boot up the computer, do you get a boot menu, with 2 "Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional" for you to choose.

Or click Start, Run, type msconfig and press Enter.

Select the Boot.ini tab, and see if you have 2 lines (instead of just one) underneath the section [operating systems]?

Post back.

  temp003 11:19 31 Jul 2003

Got your email saying that my assumption was correct. Next time you can just post back on this forum.

I assume you want to (1) keep XP 9but a genuine copy) on your C drive (2) remove the copy of XP on your F drive?

To remove the F drive copy of XP, load the XP on C first. If you're not there, restart computer, and when you see the boot selection screen, use the down arrow to select the bottom copy (usually the new copy is put on top). Press enter.

Once in the C XP, right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery, Settings.

Under System Startup, for the box "default operating system", click the down arrow and see the drop down list, and select the other "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

That is, select the bottom one. Then click OK.

Then go back into Startup and Recovery, Settings.

Click Edit. The boot.ini file will open in Notepad.

Verify that the line starting with "default=..." reads:


If that is correct, then delete the first line under the section [operating systems].

The line to delete should read something like (assuming your F partition is on the same hard disk):

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(n)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP professional" /fastdetect

where n=the partition number of your F partition. In your case, n should be either 2 or 3, depending on how many CDROM drives you have.

Just delete that line from the text.

Click File, Save. Exit Notepad. Remember to click OK again.

You can now delete the Windows XP system files from F.

In My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and (1) Tick "Show hidden files and folders" (2) Untick "Hide file extensions for known file types, and (3) Untick "Hide proetected operating system files". Click OK.

Now go to F drive. Before you delete anything, make sure that you don't have any personal files or folders, data etc, stored within any of the folders to be deleted. Move them to elsewhere on your disk (but not to C - because later you'll need to format C).

Delete the following folders from F:

Documents and Settings, Program Files, and the WINDOWS folder. If you see pagefile.sys under F, delete that as well, although you probably won't see it when you're in the C copy of XP. You can probably delete the folder F:\Recycler as well.

If you're warned about deleting these folders, confirm the deletion. If XP won't let you delete them, restart the computer (which should go straight into the XP ono C), and try again.

This should clean out the copy of XP on F.

To install your genuine copy of XP, I suggest you start from scratch (format and reinstall) since your old copy on C is a pirate copy. This will mean you will need to reinstall your programs and all Windows updates.

So before you format, make any necessary backup of your data, email, any downloaded programs or updates, email and internet connection details, and so on, and store them on CD or another partition.

When you're ready, put your XP CD in, restart computer, making sure that in BIOS, the CDROM comes before the hard disk in boot sequence or boot devices. When asked to press any key to boot from CD, just press any key on the keyboard.

At XP Setup, press enter to go into XP Setup, follow the prompts, remembering that your option is always to install a fresh copy of XP Pro.

When asked where to install fresh copy of XP, use the up/down arrow to highlight your C partition, and press Enter.

You'll be warned, but just confirm you want to install on C.

When given the formatting options, choose "Format with NTFS", or "Format with FAT", whichever you prefer. Just do NOT select "Leave existing file system intact".

After formatting and copying files, computer will restart. Leave the CD in, but this time, when asked to press any key to boot from CD, do NOT press any key. XP Setup needs to boot from the hard disk this time. Installation will continue, and restart into XP on C. Install Windows Updates, programs and so on. Activate your copy of XP.

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