Clean Install of XP

  manrow 19:41 07 Aug 2008

Can I pick the brains of the experts on here and ask them to highlight the drivers I need to backup before I reformat my laptop hard drive and reinstall XP?

  MarvintheAndroid 19:56 07 Aug 2008

Drivers would be :

Motherboard (IDE controllers, USB controllers, on-board audio, wifi, IR, etc)
Any third party add-ons such as PC cards

Drivers are difficult to "back up" as such, although there are one or two utilities that claim to do it. Many devices will work using generic windows drivers but you will most likely end up with a load of triangles in device manager.

You would be far better off with the motherboard CD or download the install packs from the hardware vendor's web site.


  MsTechie 20:02 07 Aug 2008

If its recovery disc then you dont need to back up any essential drivers(they are on the recovery disc) You will only drivers for peripherals that you added when you got your PC i.e printer, router etc.

If your reinstalling from windows disc then the most important one is the ethernet or wireless adapter (which ever you use to connect to the internet) any other drivers can be downloaded from manufacturers website if theyre not already on the windows disc

  manrow 20:54 07 Aug 2008

Thanks for info. But this is a secondhand laptop and I do not have the motherboard installation discs nor a recovery disc, plus it does not have a cd/dvd burner just cd rom.

It is wi-fi so could I fire the driver info to my other computers?

  manrow 21:07 07 Aug 2008

I should have added and burn a recovery cd from my other computers?

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