clean install xp?

  denis93c 23:14 04 Apr 2005

my windows home xp is starting up just past the first windows logo,then it freezes.
i tried every-thing to repair it,nothing worked,as time went on the only thing i could do was a fresh install of xp.
but while doing so the computer shut down a few times.
so i restarted it and continued to install xp.
now the pc is still trying to install xp over and over again,i am stuck in a loop.
an error message comes up to quick to copy down,all i can read is "AN OVERWRITE OPERATION" I can`t read the rest.

  LastChip 23:28 04 Apr 2005

Did you format the drive and start from scratch, or did you just attempt an install over the top of the existing installation?

If the later, are there any important files on the drive you wish to save or have you got everything backed up that is important to you?

  denis93c 10:01 05 Apr 2005

yes i formatted the drive

  LastChip 10:42 05 Apr 2005

If I were you, I would re-format (yet again!) and install from scratch again, as clearly, there are no files that need to be protected.

Please be aware, XP will close itself down and re-start on several occasions, and you should leave it to do its own thing. If it freezes during one of these sequences, hold the power button in until the machine turns off and then restart from cold. XP should recognise this, and continue from where it left off.

Furthermore, if you are booting directly from the CD, when the first shut down occurs, remove your CD as soon as possible and only put it back in if the operating system asks for it. By that stage, all the required files have been written to the hard drive, so the CD can be an unwelcome distraction to correct installation.

  denis93c 14:22 05 Apr 2005

unfortunately im stuck in a loop,it keeps restarting trying to finish of the xp install,whether the xp disc is in or not.
i have left it to sort itself out ,but no luck,even if i go to safe mode,it jumps up and says"CONTINING INSTALLING WINDOWS" then it restarts again.

  rawprawn 14:28 05 Apr 2005

Can you get to the command prompt and format from there.

  denis93c 15:12 05 Apr 2005

i can get safe mode with command prompt,but i dont know what to do.
should i go in as administrator and not my name,i am the only person using the pc.
if i go in as admin,them what?

  LastChip 16:49 05 Apr 2005

Have you got a Windows 98 boot disc? If not, click here to download one.

Use the floppy to boot to a DOS prompt and at the prompt, type;

format C: [enter]

and then

y [enter]

This will format your drive from DOS and you can start again.

  Technotiger 17:02 05 Apr 2005

Dunno if this will help - but worth a look I think.

click here


  denis93c 21:16 05 Apr 2005

now i am getting weird message "REPLACE ANY KEY WHEN READY"
i tried pressing any keys no luck

  User-312386 21:37 05 Apr 2005

sounds like your computer is trying to read from disc

Go into BIOS (press the delete key on boot)and ensure the Hard drive is first boot and not the CD-ROM

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