Clean install of Win 7 from XP at last

  exdragon 09:59 02 Jun 2012

Hi - I'm plucking up courage to get round to this at last, but can someone tell me what happens to all my Outlook 2003 stuff (not Outlook Express)? Will all emails, folders, address book, contacts etc re-appear as if by magic? I know 7 uses Live Mail.

I'm going to use Windows Easy Transfer, which my other half used, but he's just told me he doesn't have any emails etc on his desktop. I'd be slightly annoyed, to say the least, if he told me after he's done it that he'd forgotten to say all his emails were on his laptop...

  robin_x 10:13 02 Jun 2012

Export/copy your .pst and .pab files to another drive or flash memory or something. I don't know if Easy Transfer handles them, but you will have another copy.

Also don't forget browser favourites/bookmarks/add-ons. Do you just use IE or other browsers?

  johndrew 10:20 02 Jun 2012

If you are doing a 'clean' install on an empty drive you will need to have downloaded easy transfer for XP and used it to 'backup' all the files you want transferred across - W7 has its own copy installed already. There is a guide on doing this here.

If you are installing over an existing installation of XP, it will overwrite the partition and all data and it will be lost so you must save it to a separate drive - see this article for help.

You will be able to import the 'Outlook 2003 stuff' by using the 'Import Messages' facility in Live Mail - top left of the toolbar in the dropdown menu.

  exdragon 13:39 02 Jun 2012

Thanks - yes, I've got XP but am going to install the 64-bit, so I realise it will wipe everything. I don't have any personal data on the C drive, it's all on a totally separate internal drive (not a partition of C). I've already backed up the Favourites, but still have to do the Bookmarks.

I think I've thought of everything...famous last words, but I'll have a look at your links.

I just hope now that this thread doesn't get hijacked by the usual inane comments.

  exdragon 15:22 02 Jun 2012

Hmm, bit of a problem with Contacts. The .pst option backs them up, but I seem to have 2 different sets of contacts.

If I send an email and click the 'To' box, I get an up to date list of all the members of my club. If I go to Contacts (from the list on the left hand side of the screen, Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc) and click on that to list the members, I get old details, ie, including people who have left and not showing new people.

The problem is, which list will be included in the .pst back up? Checking for pab and wab files just links to the entry in Application Data/etc, and eventually displays a box which has no Contacts in at all. At this rate, it will be pen and paper!

  exdragon 15:48 02 Jun 2012

Ignore me, got it, I think.

  john bunyan 17:16 02 Jun 2012

Although you are installing the 64 bit version, you will find that quite a few programmes, when you install them, actually are 32 bit. They will appear in C:Programme Files(x86). Programmes that install as 64 bit are in C: Programme Files

  exdragon 18:25 02 Jun 2012

john bunyan - thanks, I seem to remember someone told me that the other day. Haven't gone for it yet, I think a couple of stiff gins may indicate that tomorrow might just be a better time!

  john bunyan 18:37 02 Jun 2012


Very wise, Cheers. Hope it goes well. I have no regrets at all after moving to W7 from XP (Luckily I by passed Vista!) You nay find older hardware such as printers etc need to have new drivers downloaded from their technical sites, and some will install and run happily in 32 bit. Just Google the device model and download the drivers when your installation is finished (and updated, which may take a while!)Good Luck!

  exdragon 10:44 03 Jun 2012

Hmm - Windows Easy Transfer won't download. The message 'Appplication failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Check OK to terminate the application'.

It appears to be something to do with .Net Framework, but as far as I can see, all the updates have been installed. We've tried downloading it again, but the same error message appears.

Any suggestions, please, as I sit here with the Windows 7 disc all set to go?

  john bunyan 11:00 03 Jun 2012

I am no expert , but what I did 18 months ago, was to copy all my XP data to a USB HD ie all "My Documents" and sub folders. I partitioned the Primary disc to C: and (in my case) F;. The C was formatted and a disc install of w7 and other programmes was done. Then I imported the data to the F partition. Maybe wait for others to comment.

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