clean install prob

  [DELETED] 14:07 22 Oct 2003

I have just formated and clean install win xp pro
and i have roxio go back 3 and at boot up i get a lilac screen and a buzzing sound and it will not boot util i disable goback 3.

It worked ok before the new install

I have been to roxio site and there is no help fpr this problem.
Can any one give me any ideas.
I have tried reinstall with no joy thank you

  [DELETED] 21:30 22 Oct 2003

WinXP has its own version of GoBack already installed known as System Restore, if I were you I'd do away with GoBack.

  gold 47 23:53 22 Oct 2003


  [DELETED] 07:49 23 Oct 2003

Oh dear. Goback is so much better than System restore (check a few threads here regarding the use of Goback Vs System restore)

Some people have problems with GoBack (and surprise some people have problems with SR too)

Personally i would never use SR again after buying Goback. However none of the above suggestions solve your problem.

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

Have you installed the latest patch for GoBack?

Can you give us a bit more info on your system?

  [DELETED] 13:20 24 Oct 2003

XP pro 512 mem 40 gb c drive 4 gb f drive 1700 processer.

I have never used safe mode how do i do it and what do i do then.?

I have been on the roxio site and gone in recovery console and done a FIXMBR because i did not remove goback before reformating and reinstall but it is still the same, will not boot up untill i disable goback.

  [DELETED] 13:46 24 Oct 2003

to boot into safe mode then press F8 as you begin to boot. You will get asked which option you want... I can't remember them all but I usually choose the option to boot into safe mode with networking as that means that I can get onto the internet too.

  [DELETED] 13:51 24 Oct 2003

As you have just formatted and reinstalled i would do this again. Make sure everything has gone from the drive first.

Then make sure you have the latest version of Goback - 3.21.106 is the latest version.

Do not install from the CD you bought instead run the latest update. It'll ask you for the CD and the CD Code. Then it'll install the latest version without having to install the older version and upgrade.

Also have you installed all drivers? Graphics and Especially the Motherbaord drivers??

  [DELETED] 14:41 24 Oct 2003

Have done all you have said and still the same tried it all the other day thats why it took so long to get back online

  [DELETED] 13:26 25 Oct 2003

Just to let you no i have sorted it.

Went into bios and disabled boot virus protection then reloaded goback 3 and all went ok.

Thanks for all your trouble everyone.

I have informed roxio of the repair has they said they had not heard of this problem before,they can now put it in their knoledge base.


  [DELETED] 07:31 27 Oct 2003

Excellent feedback- Thanks.

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