Clean install PC. Load vista upgrade or xp first

  Nessie 12:45 30 Nov 2008

Am going to buy a new PC with no OS. Have xp pro disc. Do i just install vista and use the xp disc at some point to prove i have xp or do i need to install xp then vista. Thanks

  Batch 13:27 30 Nov 2008

Am I missing something, but as you are intending to buy a PC without an OS and have XP Pro disc, where are you going to get Vista from?

  Nessie 13:29 30 Nov 2008

Buy a legal student upgrade version for £60

  Nessie 13:46 30 Nov 2008

Will then have disc and not be just on hard Drive

  chub_tor 14:35 30 Nov 2008

The short answer to your question is yes. Put in your Vista upgrade first and start the install and at some stage it will ask you to put in your XP disc to prove that you are entitled to an upgrade to Vista. You do not need to install XP first before installing the Vista upgrade.

  Nessie 14:39 30 Nov 2008

thanks for that chub tor

  Pineman100 14:47 30 Nov 2008

Just one point - if your XP Pro CD came with an older computer that had this OS pre-installed, then it's probably an OE version that belongs to that computer only.

  Nessie 19:37 30 Nov 2008

Thanks Pineman. Pro cd is stand alone and never used. Again legal student version

  chub_tor 08:49 01 Dec 2008

I have upgraded several machines with different Vista Upgrade disks and original XP disks and each time I have been asked to put in the XP disk as a verification check. It only takes a few seconds.

Yes it is well documented that you can use a Vista Upgrade disk without an old XP disc click here but this is a longer process as you basically install Vista by ignoring the request to enter the Product Key and then do it all over again effectively upgrading the upgrade. Just as clean but a longer process as you install Vista twice.

If you have an XP disc it is much quicker to just put this in when asked.

  chub_tor 17:48 01 Dec 2008

That's not something I have ever tried but why, if you have an XP disc anyway, is it any quicker than putting it in and clicking on next?

  chub_tor 18:19 02 Dec 2008

I can only speak from my experience. I purchased an upgrade version of Vista. I installed it on a new 500Gb hardrive. I booted up with the Vista disc in a CD drive and did the format. At some stage - I can't tell you exactly when - I was asked ot insert my XP disc. I clearly remember this as the XP disc itself is an upgrade disc bought many years ago to upgrade from Windows 98 and I wondered if it would work. It did and I removed it, put back the Vista disk as requested on the on screen instructions and continued with the Vista install. That was my experience and I based my reply to Nessie on that.

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