Clean Hard-Drive

  Thomo1 11:18 06 Mar 2005

Morning all.

I am selling my computer cuz im getting a new 1 but i want the HD clean.

Will re-installing windows and wiping the drive PERMANANTLY remove everything on it now?? The new owner will not be able to recover anything on the system using some brainiac software??

Thanks for your help in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 06 Mar 2005

Normally a format will do, to stop someone accessindg data.

There are several data recovery programs that will recover erased files butstruggle after a format.
Pay some money and you can recover after a format.

Pay alot of money and you can recover anything.

If your paranoid then overwrite data with File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here
SuperShredder click here
killdisk click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:39 06 Mar 2005

Just do a simple format, this will clear all your info which will not be as important as you think to someone else. There is no point gettign all paranoid about this.


  Thomo1 11:41 06 Mar 2005

do i run 1 of these programs before or after a format???

Will doing a format and then running 1 of these progs wipe the HD for good??? Completely unrecoverably clean??

I am a lil paranoid cuz u just dont no who the cpu will end up with and what they cud do with it!!

I could end up in the palms of a pensioner or it could end up in the palms of a hacker or such other wasted talented person.

  freaky 12:56 06 Mar 2005

I did read somewhere, that if you remove a lot of the information from your HD because you don't want anybody to recover the data, then if you do a defrag immediately afterwards the removed data is almost impossible to recover. Evidently the defrag process overwrites the areas where the removed data was.

  bremner 13:16 06 Mar 2005

A format does not remove data at all.

Even the freebie recovery programs can get back much of your data after a format.

If you want to be sure you will need a wiping program.

  Completealias 13:22 06 Mar 2005

I use killdisk for this senerio. Make the bootable floppy of killdisk then run it this will completey erase the partion info and data that is on the hard drive. If your really worried you can do it a couple of times. Then once you have done this boot with a boot disk recreate a partion with fdisk and then format. The hard drive should b clean after this

  Jak_1 13:27 06 Mar 2005

BCWipe is an excellent file wiping program, if you have kept the PC Advisor disks off the magazine then you shopuld have the program already.

When you run it delete all files (except windows) with a 7 pass wipe. Once that has finished then simply set it to wipe all free space. Then go ahead and re-format and re-install windows.

That way all but the very best and most expensive will not be able to recover data, even the most sophisticated file recovery system will struggle and not be able to get much if anything.

Then you can be happy that no one is going to get any finacial details and passwords from you when you sell it on.

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