clean up and freeing space?

  vienna1981 09:58 25 Sep 2004

hi, i am running windows 98se and have noticed my pc running a bit more slowly recently. i have done a scandisk, defragment, disk clean-up, ran ad-aware and AVG and later on i am going to see if there are any programs i can uninstall that i dont need. but i was wondering if there's anything else i can do to clean up or free up more space on my pc? i dont think i have a lot of my hard-drive taken up but i would like to remove things that dont need to be there, but again i dont want to delete them incase its files the pc needs! also would there be any articles or websites that tell you how to clean up your pc properly? thanks in advance for all help.

  Graham ® 10:04 25 Sep 2004

Have a look at downloads on this site

click here

  wednesday 13 10:04 25 Sep 2004

Run virus software because viruses can get into memory and block it off or take it away.

  Graham ® 10:07 25 Sep 2004

Use Regclean (it will find hundreds the first time!) then Regcompact. Back up the registry first.

  vienna1981 10:25 25 Sep 2004

hi my AVG is anti-virus software and i run this weekly aswell as having it "on-guard" every day

  Tycho 10:33 25 Sep 2004

I use the free Ashampoo application that I got a couple of years ago from PCA cover disc. It works well and only last night it got rid f over a giagabyte of rubbish on my hard disc.

I think that you will need to pay about £15 for a copy but if I had not got mine free I would have been prepared to pay for it anyway.



  wolfie3000 05:08 27 Sep 2004

i use a program called binman to free up temp files and stuff it may be hard to find though cause i got it off an old pcadvisor disc also clean up your registry with easy cleaner its free and iv had no probs with it its on this site in downloads and another program i use is tweaknow regcleaner another free one i use these programs once a week to keep my pc squeeky clean but always backup your registry first just incase

  Belatucadrus 11:13 27 Sep 2004

click here for G lock temp cleaner. Also AVG accumulates all the update files and these can safely be deleted.

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