Jimmy James 12:44 24 Dec 2003

Can anyone help?

I was happy using Stienberg Clean 3.0 for putting records to CD. One day it stops working. Sound comes through the speakers, but the record Level indcators stay at zero. I have checked all settings and the sound volumne.

I upgraded to Clean 5.0 (now owned by Pinnacle Systems) It worked fine until (i think) I installed a canon flatbed and twain drivers for it and a digital camera.

I now have the same porbs again. Sound comes through the speakers but it does not show in the record meters and therfore does not record.

  MichelleC 15:33 24 Dec 2003

Try running tests with DirectX; RUN/ type in
dxdiag.exe. Also get latest version 9.0b (don't get 9.0a as it's buggy).

  esbe 18:30 24 Dec 2003

Hi, try Options > preferences/sound card,you can alter the playback & record sources in there ie; your soundcard for playback, and if youre using the pre amp that comes with Clean, use that option for recording.Hope that helps.

  Jimmy James 17:59 27 Dec 2003

Thanks to those who have submitted suggestions to my problem. However, these have failed to resolve the issue. DirectX tests work fine and I have checked and re-checked the soundcard settings in the CLEAN software.

Once again, I get sound throught the speakers, which would indicate that all the hardware is working as i should. However, the record meters within CLEAN show a zero reading and therefore I get no material being recorded to disk.

I have had this same problem using both CLEAN 3.0 and CLEAN 5.0. Something is knocking out the record function. I have looked at this problem for some time and cannot think of where to look next.

PLEASE keep coming with any advice.

Many Thanks

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