Clash between my phone line and my wireless router

  LTfreak 23:00 23 Dec 2008

Hey !

I bought a wireless router D-Link DKT-410 from pc world. My internet connect is by a Virgin Modem. However the phone line I am using right now has to be connected to the internet in order to work (Vonage). Now the problem is for me to connect the wireless router I have to plug the Ethernet port from my internet modem to my wireless router, and from there I have to plug the other Ethernet cable to my pc. My phone line works only through plugging the internet modem Ethernet port to my phone line (Vonage line).

So is there any other way I can use my phone line and the wireless router at the same time?

Is there any chance I can have two Ethernet ports on my mother port?

Please help


  The Kestrel 23:09 23 Dec 2008

Unless I'm very mistaken, you don't need both the modem and the router. My router is connected directly to the phone socket and then an ethernet cable from the router connects to my PC. I don't have Virgin as my ISP, but if your broadband from Virgin comes via the phone line, the router simply replaces the modem.

  ambra4 01:00 24 Dec 2008

Try to understand what you trying to say is this correct

You have a cable modem and a D-Link DKT-410 cable wireless router

You have set up the D-Link DKT-410 cable wireless router and can access the Internet via your

Computer. And you want to connect the Vonage phone system

Once you have Internet access via the D-Link DKT-410 cable wireless router

Just connect the Vonage phone Ethernet cable to port 4 on the router will give you access to the

Vonage phone line

Wireless has nothing to do with the Vonage phone line

Wireless access is between the wireless device and the wireless router

Once the D-Link DKT-410 cable wireless router is accessing the Internet the wireless device would

Also allow Internet access once it set up correct

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