Clarkdale Integrated Graphics

  bpzoom 00:24 30 Oct 2011

Sorry to ask what might be a daft question but what exactly is Clarkdale Integrated Graphics and how would I know if I had it on my machine? I am asking because DELL are suggesting a new driver R253248. I cannot see whether or not it exists on my machine. I have got a ATI Radeon HD 540 video card. Is Clarkdale Integrated Graphics video software integrated with the motherboard?

  rdave13 00:33 30 Oct 2011

Ask Dell.

  rdave13 00:51 30 Oct 2011

Have a look at display adapters in Device Manger. Integrated means it's on-board. They sell the machines so tell them your problem. You should get a decent reply off Dell.

  Ian in Northampton 13:49 30 Oct 2011

Clarkdale was the code name for a generation of Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Simply, what you're seeing is that you have the integrated graphics that are part of the Clarkdale processor architecture - because your PC uses (I assume) that generation of processor. However, if, as you say, you have got an ATI Radeon card, then I'm not sure why you'd want/need to mess with a driver for the integrated graphics. My recommendation? If you don't have a problem, leave well alone.

  bpzoom 16:42 30 Oct 2011

Ian, Thank you, I will take your advice! Brian

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