Claris Home Page software crashes with XP

  grumpy-git 14:24 23 Dec 2004

Been using Claris version 2.0 software for about 5 years. Very basic but quick & easy to use (don't have to think about what I'm doing) unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with XP.

Tried the compatibility wizard to run it on earlier operating systems, but whichever I use it will fail within a minute or two. A friend of mine had similar problems when he bought a new pc with XP, but I never had a chance to try & work out what the problem was.

Claris version 2.0 was a freebie with a magazine cover cd many years ago, a version 3.0 was released which might have been more reliable. I have hunted the internet to see if it available as a download anywhere, but no luck. Claris now goes under the name of Filemaker, but they no longer deal with home page software.

Any ideas on solving the problems with XP? It worked fine with 95 & ME.


  Taran 22:15 23 Dec 2004

I'm not familiar with that product under Windows, although I have used it a long time ago on an Apple Mac.

Some programs will work under Windows XP in compatibility mode and others stubbornly refuse.

I'd imagine that you only have two real choices:

1. Create a partition on your XP computer and install Windows 98 on it, assuming you have partitoning software, the knowledge and experience to use it effectively, and all the relevant device drivers for an older version of Windows.


2. You migrate to a newer web authoring tool that will run on your XP box without misbehaving.

Frankly, I'd far rather try to find a more suitable and up to date program than fiddle about with disk partitions. Sourcing drivers could well be an issue too, since many hardware items are starting to feature Windows 2000 and XP only support.

Adjusting your partitions could bring your entire system to its knees unless you know what you're doing, and for the sake of an outdated program I think the risks far outweigh any potential benefits.

Time to upgrade your web authoring program I think, to a different product.

  grumpy-git 12:05 24 Dec 2004

Thanks Taran, don't think I'll mess around with partitions. As long as my 2 old pc's keep working then I am able to use the software, but obviously some time soon I will have to experiment with other web page software.

I did try Net Objects Fusion 7, it was great at first - easy to make a site without worrying about linking pages, but as the site grew it became too complicated & didn't always upload all the new pages properly.

Sometimes "simple is best".


  Taran 13:48 24 Dec 2004

NetObjects is an all time favourite of mine. Few programs offer so gentle an introduction to web design, with such a lot of power hidden under the hood, if you know how to find it.

If you still have an older PC that allows you to continue working with CLaris, all well and good.

It can be difficult to move fro a favourite program sometimes. Often though, once the penny drops with a new program, you find yourself wondering how you ever managed with the older one after all.

Such is life...

Best of luck whichever way you go.

  grumpy-git 13:59 24 Dec 2004


Quick question, did you ever have problems uploading updated or new pages with Net Objects? In theory it should add all the relevant pages when you upload, but in practise something always went wrong. I did try adding the pages manually, but the way it sets out the folders seems to make it very long-winded, especially as the "buttons" could need updating as well.


  Taran 14:33 24 Dec 2004

Yes, I have had that problem before - it is common enough to be talked about on the NetObjects support forums.

Having said that, I've know people have the same issues with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive and a ton of other applications, so it isn't something confined to NetObjects.

There are a few possible causes from the program itself to its user - sometimes a combination of both.

Check out the NetObjects newsgroups click here for discussions on every version of the program from 5 upwards. There is a wealth of advice in them, much of it direct from the NetObjects WebSite Pros staff themselves.

  grumpy-git 18:49 24 Dec 2004

Thanks Taran, I'll check that out sometime.


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