Claranet Broadband service

  chris46 09:08 24 Sep 2004

Having been with Claranet over a year I am not happy with staring at eggtimer! But I do not want to go grom the frying pan into the fire! Any comments welcom.

  gudda96 09:15 24 Sep 2004

Hi Chris 46

Not sure what you mean but I have been with Claranet for 1 yr and have nothing but praise for them.

If I can help, let me know.

  chris46 14:28 24 Sep 2004

My "beefs" are:
There seem to me many occasions when I hit send and receive and nothing seems to happen or its slow.
When on the internet it seems slow ie the "lights" are not on on the task bar
They do not seem to screen spam at all - I get hundreds

They take time to respond to emails

Some of this may be because of my system - although I have only recently rebuilt it after a hard disk failure,
or because I use Norton Internet Security, which I am seriously thinking of dumping for Mcafee/Zone alarm

I was hoping to get some feedback before I take any action. Thanks for yours

  gudda96 09:31 27 Sep 2004

Hi Chris

If you want to PM me, I will try to help as I dont totally understand your problem, sorry so long in replying, I was not notified of response

  chris46 10:24 27 Sep 2004

"PM" ? I am new to this site!

  gudda96 08:54 28 Sep 2004

Hi Chris
Just click on the envelope by Gudda96 to send a private message

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