Clamp for loose Epson C82 inkjet tubing

  Emsie 09:29 26 Apr 2005

Investigating a problem with a (?) blocked inkjet nozzle, we've found a disconnected piece of clear tubing underneath the white spring-loaded tray on the right side of the internal workings of the printer. We've managed to re-connect it to the small spigot attached to the tray, but it wont stay put when we then use the printer. Please, does anyone know of a suitable, tiny clamping device we could secure the tubing with? And where would we buy such a thing? (Our own improvisations have failed because there's no room to fiddle about; the clamp will have to be simply ready to slot on.)
Many thanks!

  Indigo 1 09:34 26 Apr 2005

Well done for tracking it down to the tube. Try pet shops that sell aquariums for a clamp or use a small cable tie, you might even get away with a bit of twisted wire but I would not recommend glue.

  oldal 09:36 26 Apr 2005

How about a spot of super-glue ?

  Indigo 1 09:40 26 Apr 2005

not sure superglue would react with ink solvent

  Emsie 10:20 26 Apr 2005

Thanks for this, Indigo 1, - again! We'll look for that clamp. And yes, oldal, - thanks - we wondered about superglue too, but reckoned it might be a bit dicey in our hands; we might just cause a blockage. Thinking of things sticky, though, perhaps duck tape could be applied...? But for now, we'll track down the aquarium lead. Much appreciated.

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