CISCO coures?

  sikefula 15:53 16 Jul 2006

(Please note-same thread has been posted in Helproom forums but realised it might be more at home here!)

Hi folks,

I have got a nephew of mine just out of high school who wants to pursue a career in Computing-to do a CISCO course to be specific (coz one of his mates's mate has done it and is doing well!-so he argues).

Is this kind of course any good at all,careerwise,personal development etc?

Is this the 'best' way to get into this kind of industry? I believed all along Cisco to be some kind of networking systems-right?? If so is just doing a CISCO course not rather too limited in scope than doing an all-encompassing Networking course-am thinking along the lines of A+ or C+ networking courses?

Please advise accordingly!

Thanks in advance.

  sikefula 16:13 16 Jul 2006

Cisco courses-it's meant to be-agh!

  sikefula 13:43 17 Jul 2006

C'on folks-what's your take on this?

Thanks in advance,


  ade.h 13:56 17 Jul 2006

"Anybody home?"

Yeah, but I don't know much about Cisco courses, or any other for that matter! I am not a network administrator (except my own!)

CompTIA is a name that springs to mind; I think that is supposed to be a well regarded qualification. Cisco would be - to some extent - specific.

  irishrapter 04:03 20 Jul 2006

Cisco CCNA is a good one, can be a bit of an overload of information but its a good course.
Exam can be a bitch!
That covers a good bit of the networking side.

Computer hardware course is Comptia A+ its a good course.

And a good microsoft MCSA or MCSE to cover software.

A company called Learnkey do some very good CBT course but they are a bit expensive! click here
They cover all of the above course and more!

  jamescrocket 19:09 22 Jul 2006

Try doing CISCO IT Essentials 1 which would prepair your nephew for A+.
Then do CISCO IT Essentials 2 which would prepair your nephew for Sever+.
Then with both those done, do Network+

CompTIA run the + courses more at click here
CISCO IT Essentials info click here

  sikefula 20:20 22 Jul 2006


In that case,is it not advisable for him to just begin with the CompTIA A+ course then?

Also,are you saying its not advisable to just go for the CISCO CCNA straight after college? Why is the "Essential" stages important to someone with basic core skills already?


  packettracer 15:24 26 Jul 2006

I think the thinking from james crocket is this. The idea with both CISCO IT Essentials 1 & 2 is that students will do both courses and then, take the relevant exams, IT 1, A+ & IT 2, Server+ and then do CCNA.

You dont have to do them, you could just go on to CCNA, but you would have a better understanding of the CCNA course & more importantly be able to pass it first time.

CCNA exams are now split into 2.
You can do CCNA exams 1 & 2 and then if you pass go on to CCNA 3 & 4 and take those exams.

I have always found that if your new to a subject then this is a good way to get the info you need, CCNA is very intense.

Hope this helps a bit.

  Gaz 25 02:47 09 Aug 2006

I'd suggest do Network+ before Cisco. It gives the underlying foundation.

Cisco is very priporitory to their routers, routing protocols, technologies... and sometimes can be difficult to get to grips with. The content can be difficult to understand sometimes, with Network+ you will be tutored and therefore understand further the foundations which will give confidence with IP addressing, subnetting, VPNs, Topologies, etc...

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