Cinemania/Music Central 97

  montyburns 21:16 08 Oct 2003

Did anyone other than me ever buy these Microsoft progs?

When I had them, back in 97, there was supposed to be online updates for them, but at the time I wasn't online and never got any.

Since then they have been on the back burner. Recently found them out again and when I tried to download updates, have found that they are no longer supported :-(

Anyone ever get any downloads? Or can tell me where they might still lurk? Or can anyone reccomend a similar cinema and/or music database resource?

  hugh-265156 22:49 08 Oct 2003

had a google for you and could`nt find anything.most of the listings say 404 not found for both or are in foreign language,sorry.

there may be free alternatives available.what is it the software does?

  montyburns 18:01 09 Oct 2003

Thanks for looking anyway!! :-)

Basically they are like huge interactive encyclopaedia's. Cinemania is a film database and Music Central (no surprise) is for music! They are stuffed with all sorts of interesting and very easily accessed info, and I would have thought that they (Microsoft) would have wanted to have kept them up to date, having invested an obviously huge amount of resources to create them in the first place! But they suddenly stopped supporting them, which means all data on there now is at least 6 years out of date, which is a shame....

  Djohn 18:12 09 Oct 2003

A good site for all information on movies and actors is click here IMDB. excellent site with everything cross referenced. j.

  hugh-265156 18:14 09 Oct 2003

any good search engine will give you loads of info.type what or who your looking for into click here

there is also sites like click here and click here

  hugh-265156 18:15 09 Oct 2003


  montyburns 18:19 09 Oct 2003

I do look at IMDB and Gracenote type things, but the thing I like about the two products I have mentioned is that they are on CD, and thus I can use them when I am on non internetted PCs! Also, the amount of info they have for each item (artist, actor, etc) usually far outweighs what you get online (you get a full review of films not just a precis) It's like having one of those huge Guinness tomes on CD..........

  anchor 20:03 09 Oct 2003

I bought Cinemania 97 in 1998, when the programme was being sold cheap. Even then I could not get the updates, so little hope now.

I like having the information easily available on CD without having to go on line. Pity its not still available.

  Cesar 11:42 10 Oct 2003

I too was another film buff that bought Cinemania '97 and I echo all your gripes I don't know whether or not this is any use to you click here

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