Chronic Slow Boot Problem

  SABRE 16:53 17 Nov 2004

Have a Dell Inspiron 1.7ghz Pent 4 with 256 of RAM. Bloomin thing takes nearly 3 minutes to boot up (Windows is slow to load and then the hard drive keeps flashing for a further 1 min 15 secs.

Have run Ad=Aware. Spybot, Scandisk & De-frag to no avail. Any ideas?

  Gaz 25 16:59 17 Nov 2004

I would either, seriously think about replacing your HDD as it may be about to fail.


It could be it is running out of system RAM, you should have at least 512mb for smooth operation of XP.

For now as a quick fix for that, disable all visual styles and themes, as well as unrequired services and programs.

  SABRE 17:12 17 Nov 2004

....can you kindly explain how to do the second part i.e. disable unrequired services and programs.

  TomJerry 17:17 17 Nov 2004

slow bootup is normally a sign the hard drive is about to pop. So backup important stuff first before you do anything else.

Have you got any anti-virus program installed? Check to see if you can disable bootup scan or something similar. You can get a program called "Startup control Panel" to look what actually been started up and untick the one you do not need.

  Gaz 25 17:20 17 Nov 2004

Look through this list:

click here

Disable any unrequired services, by going to start > run > and type: ' services.msc ' (excluding the spaces and quotation marks.

Right click properties > and where it has automatic, manual and disable you can disable any unrequired services in there.

Next head off to start > run > type: ' msconfig ' > and under start up, look up file names on google and see if they are required.n If not, untick.

Please note that there are some system processes, such as Antivirus software that exist in there too - do not disable these.

Download this: click here

Run and then simply save a log, and then upload the log on this page... click here

Any it says are nasty, please untick.

  SABRE 09:02 18 Nov 2004

But when I do this ............Disable any unrequired services, by going to start > run > and type: ' services.msc ' (excluding the spaces and quotation marks.

Right click properties..............where do I find properties? When I hit enter on the run command I go to a 'services' window but can't see properties.

Thanks for the help.

  SABRE 09:02 18 Nov 2004

Found it. You clck on the service entry in the list. Will now action.

  cherria 09:06 18 Nov 2004

You should also get a copy of ccleaner at click here run it and fix everything it finds.

My pc was about 3 mins from tun on to usable desktop now its about 40 seconds I think

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