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Chrome won't install on Windows 10 64 bit

  DJ-Garry 00:15 13 Mar 2016

Hi guys. My gf has just bought a new HP laptop with Windows 10 installed. I am trying to install Google Chrome for her instead of the new MS Edge that comes with it, but the installer just hangs soon after startup. I initially tried installing the 32 bit version by mistake, but then deleted the Google folders and tried again wuth the correct 64 bit version. This still hangs at the same place near the start of the installation process also. I've Googled a few help sites and it seems that a lot of other users are having similar problems with this, and I have tried some of their remidies, but to no avail. Firefox seems to install and run fine, but she has a Google account and is used using Chrome browser, and so wants to stay with it. Can anyone offer a definative solution for this please? Thanks, Garry :-)

  pk46 01:06 13 Mar 2016

Chrome has a problem with W10 I use Firefox and IE12 Edge still has problems also sites you use and other info are sent back to Microsoft.

  theDarkness 02:01 13 Mar 2016

I would try Chromium.

Google Chrome is based on the Chromium browser, as is Opera.

If you have issues installing, portable versions of some browsers may exist here if they cannot be found on their official website. The only downside to a portable version is that with each update, depending on browser-some settings may reset, or user add-ons may require a re-install.

I use Palemoon, but that is a Mozilla based browser, similar in interface to older versions of Firefox.

  BT 08:55 13 Mar 2016

Works OK on my HP Laptop with Win 10

  DJ-Garry 14:05 13 Mar 2016

Thanks rdave13. I'll give that a try :-)

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