Chrome and Opera Browsers will not start

  doveton 21:30 06 Aug 2012

My Chrome and Opera browsers will not start; IE and Firefox are unaffected. I have tried reinstalling, scanning the system for viruses and uninstalling my security software to no avail. The browsers will start in safe mode. Any ideas please?

  northumbria61 23:11 06 Aug 2012

Have you tried right click on your icons (Chrome and Opera) and selecting Run as Administrator

  doveton 23:37 06 Aug 2012

Yes I did try that but thanks anyway.

  onthelimit1 08:50 07 Aug 2012

Have you used Malwarebytes? I had the same problem (for me it was a brief flash of the Chrome screen), and MBAM found trojan Lameshield.

  difarn 09:17 07 Aug 2012

There are a lot of articles abut Chrome at the moment and some have found different resolutions to the problem but there seem to be many for whom nothing has yet resolved it.

The shortcut has become corrupted - delete and make a new one.

Install a new Chrome using Firefox, when Chrome is loading the old Chrome asks if you want to restore the old Chrome and it then works fine.

If you have sandboxie - disable it.


Have you had a recent update that is causing the problem? Try deleting the browser cache. If you have ipv6 checked try unchecking it. Tried a reinstall

  doveton 14:35 07 Aug 2012

Thanks for your help onthelimit1 and difarn. I tried Malwarebytes but it didn't find anything. I tried to start using the actual program file rather than the shortcut but no joy. I tried to reinstall Chrome using Firefox but I am not sure if the process completes. There is no notification but the shortcut appears. Anyway it will not start. As far as Opera is concerned I deleted the cache but cannot get into the program to uncheck ipv6. Again when I try to reinstall I am not sure if the process completes. In safe mode it certainly does. It is strange that Opera and Chrome are affected by the same problem at the same time. It looks like something is affecting them both but I don't know what it is.

  BILL WHITE 14:42 07 Aug 2012

I've been having a similar problem: Chrome crashes when first loaded. Sometimes the 'Relaunch' works , sometimes not. I've tried reinstalling but still the same problem. Also running as Administrator makes no difference.

  difarn 16:40 07 Aug 2012

Have you tried...

Installing Cc Cleaner Uninstalling Chrome and Opera from there Do a registry clean Re-boot Reinstall Chrome/Opera - try one at a time.

Working in safe mode intimates that a programme/add-on may be causing the problem. Check your add-ons and plug-ins to see if they are the culprits.

Do you have windows defender turned on? If so turn it off and see if this makes any difference.

If you want to keep windows defender enabled then take it out of the start up list

  doveton 02:08 08 Aug 2012

Thanks for that difarn. You are a genius. I had trouble uninstalling Opera using Cc cleaner so used Revo uninstaller instead. Then I did the Cc registry clean, rebooted and did the registry clean again, then reinstalled and then everything worked. I think the problem with Opera was down to a rogue registry entry which had not been deleted. I never had Windows Defender turned on.

  doveton 06:46 08 Aug 2012

Unfortunately I needed to restart and when I did so, Opera and Chrome failed to work again. I went throught the steps again but the problem remained. I am tearing my hair out here!

  Woolwell 10:27 08 Aug 2012

Don't think that the OS has been mentioned. Which is it?

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