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Chrome to latest version of Edge Problem

  compumac 17:09 07 Mar 2020

I have used Google Chrome for some time now following recommendations here.

I have now tried using the latest version of Microsoft Edge and find that every tine that I exit Edge and then attempt to use Chrome everything in Chrome is all over the place and I have to re-set it to the way I want.

Chrome remains as I prefer it until I use Edge again and then Chrome goes all over the place.

Any comments out there?

  [DELETED] 03:52 08 Mar 2020

Try describing the problem, as 'all over the place' means sweet FA to the rest of us.

  compumac 08:37 08 Mar 2020

The tabs that were there and have been there for donkeys are no longer there. The whole desktop is different = all over the place.

All tabs have to be put back to the original setting and then every time I use Edge and go back to Chrome my setup is completely different again.

Basically why should using Microsoft Edge and then use Google Chrome Home page? different

  compumac 20:38 08 Mar 2020


  [DELETED] 03:52 09 Mar 2020

It's a non-issue, if you require an additional browser install Firefox or Opera.

  compumac 08:30 09 Mar 2020

Flat Earther

It's a non issue?

It is an issue, otherwise I would have not made the posting

  rickf 09:26 09 Mar 2020

Have you set Edge as default since you have been using Chrome?

  compumac 09:32 09 Mar 2020


No - Chrome is still default.

I only used Edge last week as I understood that there have been a number of improvements and just wished to investigate this, but every time I have accessed Edge and then reverted back to Chrome I have to reset all of my preferred tabs. That has not been a bother as such but wonder why this happens.

  x13 10:55 09 Mar 2020

I don't use Chrome but Edge chromium has the same settings. Wonder if you pin the tabs in Chrome if that would help. click here

  compumac 11:52 09 Mar 2020


Thanks for input.

All the preferred tabs are already pinned so that when I go into Chrome they are there and in the order that I want them. The problem is that the selected/pinned tabs all disappear when, after accessing Edge, I go back into Chrome.

As it is, I think that I prefer Chrome and might not bother with Edge at all, although I would like to understand as to why this happens.

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