Chrome keeps crashing/ won't launch

  j2odrinker 20:14 19 Jan 2017

So this started about a week or two ago, Chrome has been freezing/not responding at seemingly random times, forcing me to close the programme. However, often when I try to re-open Chrome, it won't even launch. I open the task manager to see that a few instances of Chrome are still running- I close these and still it won't launch. When this happens, I try to use IE to see if that works...nothing, it gets stuck loading the homepage and won't move from there. So I try to log out and back in, and nothing still seems to working. At this point I have to restart/ shut down the laptop completely in order to gets things back running-it's really annoying and it doesn't always do the job. I've tried opening other programmes such as Steam whilst the browsers are down to find that it can't connect to the Internet. On some occasions where I've restarted the laptop and things still don't get working, Chrome will arbitrarily decide to launch after a few clicks. Anyone here know what to do? I'm certain it's not malware or anything- I've run scans with McAfee. I'm running Windows 10 64x/ HP Pavilion laptop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 20 Jan 2017

If you can't get into chrome settings and do a reset then Download to a memstick and reinstall chrome if the original set up file is not in your download folder.

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