Chrome ? Any good ?

  Furkin 09:30 18 Nov 2012

I think I tried Chrome when it first came out, but had a problem. I haven't touched it since.

Yesterday, I downloaded a User Manual for a friend, and got Chrome with it. I deleted it from my taskbar and thought no more about it.

Today though, whilst visiting an On-Line Auction site (others are available ?!) I noticed that the 'Back' arrows were different. I know that some On-Line Auction Sites, are amending their sites for IE10 etc, so assumed it was just part of the changes.

When I went to log-off, I noticed that I had unknowingly been running it in Chrome - that had appeared on my task bar again.

Before I delete it altogether, I would appreciate other users thoughts please.

Basically: Chrome -v- IE9 ?

many thanks

  The Kestrel 09:42 18 Nov 2012

I have used Chrome as my main browser for over a year now and find that pages, on average, load faster than IE.

  morddwyd 09:46 18 Nov 2012

Used Chrome ever since it first came out in Beta.

It is my browser of choice with FF second.

I have never used IE since 1996.

  Terry Brown 10:02 18 Nov 2012

I tried Chrome and found that some of my sites either would not work- refused to load- or got an error 404 (site not found), however when I use Explorer (8), I have no problems.

The sites I am refering to are finachial sites with a high scurity rating.

It may also have something to do with the fact that my security settings are set near the top,two steps above default, and I have an External firewall.


  rickf 10:10 18 Nov 2012

I have chrome in my tablet in my tablet and I find it excellent, for the tablet that is. My son uses it for his PC and swears by it.

  Ian in Northampton 10:25 18 Nov 2012

I guess it's very much a question of what you get used to. I've used Chrome ever since it was launched (I never tried FF) and find it infinitely superior to IE in many ways - speed, functionality, ease of use. I was reminded how good it is when, last week, I was 'forced' to use Safari for several days. It's true that a very few sites work better with IE than Chrome, so I keep IE installed just in case.

  Furkin 11:08 18 Nov 2012

Thanks folks,

looks pretty one sided at the moment.

If its that good, I can't see IE10 being any better – I very nearly tried the beta today,,,, but I’ll leave it for a while.

I also have FF installed - as a safety net - but never used it so far. I do use their Thunderbird for e.mail sorting – not as good as Outlook Express, but pretty close – if there is a better thing, I’d like to hear about it. I/we have a dozen or so addresses, on different accounts.

I have now seen different versions of Chrome - not just updates (mine says: Up to Date : Version 23.0.1271.64 m). Should I be looking for a specific one for my home desktop ?

I’m assuming that ‘Bookmarks’ is the same as my good old Favourites ? I have a couple of bookmarked sites on a toolbar, but no Bookmarks drop-down menu, like Favourites – should there be one ?

If I remember right (& that’s not guaranteed !?) I think, when I first tried it, it was o.k in its-self, but caused a problem with something else, or caused freezing or [email protected]$ something.

Whilst it seems to be working o.k at the moment, and only getting good comments, I’ll try it for a few days – as long as it doesn’t cause peripheral problems.

I am seeing here that PCA now comes with US spellchecker - that must be because of Chrome - it doesn't do that in IE9. I just tried the same message in the IE9 version, and it reverts to UK Spelling. I hope that doesn't show up in other applications.


I'm also seeing some new names here - to me anyway. Thank you for your input.

Thanks for some quick responses,,,,,,,,,,,,

  alanrwood 12:43 18 Nov 2012

I have used Chrome for many months now and find it both quick and reliable. It updates itself and you have the latest stable version.

It suffers just one little problem. On some web sites it does not print accurately (but then neither does Firefox) I usually just open it in IE and print it there. It happens maybe once every couple of months so not a big problem.

Regarding the US spell-checker. Just go into the options and you can download and make the UK spell-checker the default "Simples? eek"

  Furkin 15:01 18 Nov 2012

Thanks Alan,

The US Spelling was only in PCA (as far as I know),,,,,, but of course, because I haven't used it before, it might be all over Chrome, but I hadn't noticed !

Been listing things in ebay and it does seem a trifle slower than IE, but maybe its still sorting its-self out on my machine.

I'll have a look at Options & see what its set at.


  Batch 15:31 18 Nov 2012

I use Chrome almost exclusively. It works the vast majority of the time. But some web sites have an a occasional hiccup (e.g. where some button or other doesn't work in Chrome, but works OK in IE).

I have 2 areas of concern really though. Chrome is NOT good at clearing out all of the browsing traces (and Ccleaner doesn't automatically catch everything either). I have set up Ccleaner to delete a couple of additional Chrome files to get rid of more.

Also, the Bookmarks (aka Favourites) handling could be better. But I've largely learnt to live with it. Also the speed of Chrome is such that it is often quicker just to type two or three letters in to the address bar by which time Chrome is already offering the web site you are interested in from its drop down list.

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