Christmas Duds

  Brock100 10:59 25 Dec 2004

I hope evey one has what they want for Christmas and it will be a good one for them. I wanted a 4 port USB hub which I got. when pluged in it worked perfectly as it should!!!! this got me thinking who got what for your PC and how much of it does not B%&**y work and will be returned to your local pc shop tomorrow. I hope none but I doubt it

Merry Christmas all

  Gongoozler 11:23 25 Dec 2004

So far - 128M Lexar JumpDrive. Plugged it in and away it went. Perfect :-))

  Legolas 11:30 25 Dec 2004

As I am the only one in my family who is in the least bit interested in computers anything I get for it I have to get myself :-(

So I did'nt get anything computer related from Santa, but I will not let that spoil this very special day ;-)

Merry Christmas Everyone.

  VideoSentry 12:14 25 Dec 2004

I got a USB2 3 port hub and 7 in 1 combi, however if I plug it in the USB2 port (at the rear) it states "A USB device has malfuncioned and exceeded the power limit of its hub port" , so I tried it in the fron ports ( only USB1 ) and it works without any problem. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix it? I hasten to add that the cable on the thing is only 10cm long, so whatever solution will have to include the extension(which I do have).
Happy Crimble to All.

  ^wave^ 12:31 25 Dec 2004

wireless keyboard and mouse from trust. all ok so far

  powerless 12:39 25 Dec 2004

Errr does the hub have mains power?

What else have you got in your USB ports, on the base?

  VideoSentry 12:51 25 Dec 2004

I took all the other USB's out of the rear 4 port after the error message , and no,it is not powered. Is it possible just to fail on USB2 but work on USB1?
I will have a look later as the Brandy Butter has to be made!!

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