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Choppy Sound Play Back in Windows 10

  RobCharles1981 10:35 16 Aug 2019

Hello all i'm on Windows 10 Pro and the Audio Card I have is the Creative Z and On the Logitech Z533 Speakers.

And I'm when I'm playing audio back either on Youtube or offline I'm experiencing "choppy" sound playback which is rather annoying and I have the latest driver installed for the Card too.

Have any of you experienced this sort of problem?

Thanks Rob

  martd7 11:12 16 Aug 2019


I too have this card and have had a few problems with it in Windows 10

Firstly ensure you are using the SbZ not Windows audio HD,sometimes after updates mine would revert to Windows audio

Secondly,the latest Creative driver didn't work properly for me,there was either no sound or it was on max and the Creative Audio program where you can adjust,speakers and add effects crashed the PC

I was advised to install the earlier driver from 2017 and it's worked fine since then

  RobCharles1981 13:30 16 Aug 2019

Hi Martd7

Thanks for the input.

I've downloaded the March 17 Driver Release would that be ok?

Cheers Rob

  martd7 17:13 16 Aug 2019

Sorry yes March 2017

  RobCharles1981 20:28 19 Aug 2019

They seem to working ok.

Still getting the bits of Choppy Audio.

On the case to Logitech who claim my speakers are "faulty" I'm wondering if they would send me a new set of Audio Cables?

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