Choppy graphics in games :(

  Nonnyriley 10:04 05 Apr 2003

Hi every one, I have a custom built PC comprimising of:

1800+ AMD processor
40GB (22GB free)
256 DDR

And have just upgraded my graphics card from a "Riva TNT2" qhich is PCI and 32mb to a "Geforce 4 mx440" which is 64mb but now when I try to playmy fifa games the graphics a really choppy with parts missing and lines following the mouse. The actual players look ok though. I haven't tried other games except for GTA3 which works perfect (and wouldn't work before) and games like virtua tennis. Please help, I love my football :)

  Totally-braindead 11:43 05 Apr 2003

I've moved away from Nvidia and now have an Ati, having said that I've had severe problems with both with playing games. It always has come down to the same thing DRIVERS. Try the Nvidia website for updated drivers I'm fairly sure changing the driver will allow you to play your game. Did have one problem that an updated driver couldn't sort though - as I said I've got an Ati card now - James Bond Nightfire, the game was totally unplayable with the latest driver. The solution was to go back to a previous driver and then the game worked fine, very annoying though. Only mentioning this as an example of what you can do to get a game to work. Good luck

  Zaxifone 12:46 05 Apr 2003

Sometimes reinstalling the game sorts this out as the game .ini file stores details about the last card. Remember to back up any saves games first though... :)

Hope this helps...


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