choosing a wireless router modem

  plot71 20:56 15 Oct 2007

I need family to wirelessly connect through 3 solid floors and outside in the garden. I am looking at Netgear 108mbps or 54mbps - can anyone please advise which solution or any other reliable alternative other than hardwire. There is 1 desktop and 3 laptops in the house. Thanks.

  Strawballs 22:09 15 Oct 2007

You could look into networking over mains wiring click here I don't know much about it but maybe someone else here does.

  plot71 21:38 05 Nov 2007

thanks great

  ambra4 00:01 06 Nov 2007

Networking over mains wiring still require cable from the mains adapter to each computer
Base on your wireless requirement 3 solid floors endless walls and access in the garden

This would be my personal recommendation

Get a good ASDL Wireless modem router with a removable antenna

Having read the amount of problems with Belkin and Netgear equipment on all the forums I personally would not touch them.

Granted they work perfect for some people and endless problems for others

What do you want a system that you can set up in a corner and forget for the next 3 years or a system that you have to be fiddling with every month???

Having installed D-Link and Hawking equipment before in small and large companies with out any problems I would look at these options

D-Link Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Router with 4 port switch base it ASDL via the phone line
click here

Most Wireless router antenna is a standard 2db with a normal range of about 50 meters

I would replace the standard antenna with a Hawking Hi-Gain Antenna
click here

Base on the need to send a signal through 3 solid floors and endless walls plus cover the garden, which could be as large as Wembley Stadium???

Try the antenna first if you find that the coverage is still not enough and the signal is low in some areas of the house and garden

I would install a Wireless Range Extender on the second floor

The one that I use is the Hawking Technology HWREG1 Wireless G Universal Range Extender you configure via a Ethernet cable unplug move to the second floor and just power it up
click here

Take a read of this posting will help you to decide if you need to use a Range Extender

click here

You can download the manual and take a read from this site
click here

Hope This information helps you on setting up your wireless system

  ambra4 00:24 06 Nov 2007

This is how a Power-Line Networking would work

Using the electrical socket to network your computers

click here

Netgear 85 Mbps Power-line Ethernet Adapter (XE103) is the fast solution for extending your home network by using standard electrical outlets.

click here

  ambra4 02:25 06 Nov 2007

“I am looking at Netgear 108mbps or 54mbps”

Just a small note if you buy a 108Mbps router you will also need to buy a 108Mbps adapter for each wireless device that you want to connect, as standard build in wireless cards only connect at 54Mbps

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