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Choosing a web browser what to look for?

  compumac 10:20 19 May 2018

I have used IE since time immemorial and middle of last year moved over to Microsoft Edge, which generally I like but there have been several occasions where, not just on my main PC but on other PC’s that I have, - Microsoft Edge will display for a few seconds and then disappears altogether and then after a few days will resurrect itself.

I looked on the web and it does seem that Microsoft Edge is by no means everyone’s favourite.

What do people look for in a web browser?

What browser is the most popular and why?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 19 May 2018

Chrome 60% - multiple extensions

IE11 12% - beause thats what people havelways used.

Firefox Quantum 12% - Fast and good bookmarking tool

Opera 1.5% - Fast, built in VPN avoids restrictions (use iplayer in any country)

Vivaldi 0.1% - clear web pages

Edge 4% - works well for touchscreens, very slow.

  wee eddie 12:17 19 May 2018

Why stick with just the one?

  compumac 12:20 19 May 2018

wee eddie

Why would you want more than one?

  Ian in Northampton 12:36 19 May 2018

compumac: very rarely, I find a site that doesn't work well with Chrome. I have Firefox as a backup. Generally, between the two, I have all my bases covered.

  Pine Man 13:35 19 May 2018

Why would you want more than one?

I have yet to find ONE browser that works perfectly on every site so I have two on my Mac - Safari, which is absolutely superb on a Mac and, Firefox just in case.

  compumac 16:16 19 May 2018

I have been trying Chrome this afternoon and find that both IE11 and Microsoft Edge will run the BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test, but when trying to run it in Chrome, a dialogue box tells me that Flash is not in evidence on this PC.

Anyone clarify for me?

  compumac 21:18 20 May 2018

I have tried Chrome for the last day and find it OK.

I realised that had tried it out some years ago back in the Win 7 days and could not get to grips with it at all at that time.

  Gordon Freeman 09:04 21 May 2018

I use 2; Edge as primary browser & Firefox [quantum] as secondary. I generally find if a site won't work on one, it'll work ok on the other. I also use Ublock Origin on both to keep the ads away.

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