choosing an upgrade graphics card

  Ronbin45 20:56 17 Mar 2010

How do I find out what kind of graphics card will be compatible with my motherboard P5VD2-NVM/S(Asus) so I can upgrade to watch HD and run games etc?

  Hudson 21:29 17 Mar 2010

Judging by the Asus UK website (click here) all the P5VD2 series have PCIe x16 graphics cards slots. (But I can't see a NVM/S model there.) The slot is what establishes compatibilty and PCIe x16 cards are the norm at present. If you're asking for a recommendation for a specific card, that's trickier, and probably beyond my off-the-top-of-my-head competence. It might be necessary to know what games you'd like to play - some are very demanding (and might need a more powerful CPU as well). HD playback is less of a problem.

  AL47 22:20 17 Mar 2010


  Ronbin45 20:10 18 Mar 2010

max £100- £150

  Ronbin45 20:18 18 Mar 2010

If it has a PCI x16 slot then would this card work,

click here

The computer has a 3Ghz processor and 2Gb RAM, not too sure on my power supply though.

  Hudson 21:35 18 Mar 2010

It should work OK. Might be best to check your PSU, but if you're using the onboard graphics at present there's probably spare capacity. However, a few of the latest games need DirectX 11 - it only has 10.1.

  AL47 21:49 18 Mar 2010

at that price id be looking at the 5770 if you want dx11
but the 4870 if you dont mind dx10

i have one of the first dx11 games and it has a dx 10 mode

the 4870 is much faster and they are the same price, personally at that price id go for the 4870

click here

  Hudson 22:07 18 Mar 2010

(Apologies if you already know this.) The usual thing is to choose the graphics chip first (e.g. ATI 5770). Then you choose a particular manufacturer's card that uses that chip.

Graphics chip a.k.a. GPU.

Cards with ATI chips are probably a better bet at the moment.

  AL47 22:15 18 Mar 2010

at the price you are after its gonna be ATI, i have the 5850 and its my first ATI card, no more nvidia for me

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