Choosing a new lap top

  collinsc 21:04 14 Dec 2011


I currently have the following laptop: Aspire 5613AWLMi - CDT2350 1.86GHz 2x1GB 160GB VHP 15.4" ACB DVDRW SM GF 7300 256mb turbo 802.11bg 1Y wty

I'm looking for an upgrade, hopefully in the region of £400.

Can anyone recommend anything suitable. No real requirements other than must be equal to or better than the above spec!


  john bunyan 21:16 14 Dec 2011

This is my choice. John Lewis gives 2 year warranty. My repair shop says Toshiba parts easier to get than most.

  SparkyJack 09:08 15 Dec 2011

Selecting laptop is a nightmare simply because of the sheer variety of machines with similar spec,as I can testify when with my daughter in John Lewis earlier this year.

She went round and round that display, to make a selection- I stepped back to look at TV's in the end sure in the knowledge that spec for spec the buyers choice comes down too colour of the lid and the name plate -the rest comes down to processor Intel/AMD all else coming from generic suppliers supplying all assemblers and badge stickers Thats does not help make a choice- so if you are used the the quirks of Acer- that should be your focus. But yes John Lewis is the place to go

  collinsc 15:59 15 Dec 2011

thanks sparkyjack - yes, i am very happy with acer. interesting - what quirks are there!? i've not noticed!

  SparkyJack 19:47 15 Dec 2011

I guess no quirks specific to Acer in particular

In reality all computers are 'dumb'

The 'quirks come in with the operating system and the applications deployed. '

  collinsc 12:03 16 Dec 2011

Hi I've seen this in currys - opinions appreciated. Looks like i can get it cheaper than the £500 in the shop, however the spec does vary, how important is the DDR3 memory? shop is 6GB, ones ive seen online for cheaper is 3GB.


  john bunyan 13:23 16 Dec 2011

I leave others to comment on Acer, and stick to my original Toshiba reccomensation. The issue re RAM is dependant on how many and how complicated the programmes you run are. I have 4 Gig and use Photoshop CS5 - runs fine. Some ardent gamers would like as much as possible.Foe a "normal" user I think 4 is about right for 64 bit Windows 7.

  collinsc 14:38 16 Dec 2011

Thanks john - for some reason im finding myself drawn to acer again, perhaps short sighted of me, on looking at the toshiba again it does look very good.

other opinions welcomed on the suggestion of Toshiba Satellite L750-1DR or the Acer aspire 5750.

  collinsc 12:55 17 Dec 2011

hi, with regard to the Toshiba Satellite L750-1DR

This has an Intel Pentium processor, whereas the acer aspire has Intel® Core™ i5 - can anyone please explain what the difference is and what difference this will mean in terms of performance.


  SparkyJack 16:32 17 Dec 2011

I guess some Techno will go into precise detail for you.

But from my point of view I ask how long does it take you to blink?

Be assured no matter how quick you are - the processor will have done its bit before your eyes are opened.

  collinsc 18:26 17 Dec 2011

thanks. so, in reality, whilst Intel® Core™ i5 may perhaps be more recent, and a little faster, there won't be a great deal of difference in performance to an Intel Pentium processor.. i welcome other opinions....


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