Choosing ISP: support for PHP vs CGI vs PERL etc

  Limariami 21:18 30 Dec 2004

Hi all

I am trying to choose a new ISP and am having difficulty trying to decide which ones are suitable.

I want to develop a site that has interactivity, and to learn new technologies to improve my CV. I have knowledge of HTML and Javascript. I have been told that PHP is the best if databases will feature heavily.

I have found a very good offer. However the ISP's server does not support ASP, JSP, PERL, CGI, Java servlets.

I want to know whether the lack of support for these technologies represents a major drawback. Basically, is there anything that they can do that PHP won't?

Apart from integrating with a database, I want to develop sites with the following features:
- commercial transactions (ie security)
- pass-word protected sections (again a security issue. is there any difference to using .htmacess?)
- have a forum
- a self-contained reservation system, specifically to co-ordinate invites/confirmations for a weekly meet-up
- upload facilities including attachments

Thanks in advance.


  CurlyWhirly 00:04 31 Dec 2004

Have you thought about posting this on the Web Design Forum as you will probably stand more chance of getting a response there?

  AragornUK 08:12 31 Dec 2004

I'd agree with Curly Whirly, but as a bit of advice for you:

Due to the nature of Web Servers, you will usually find that they support either PHP or ASP, but not both. PHP is usually on a Linux host, ASP on a Windows host. Most that supply PHP usually do provide CGI/Perl support as well - mine do anyway.

PHP is a very powerful web scripting language, and mySQL databases combined with it make for a fast and easily built site. You can set cookies, password protect pages / directories with PHP just as you would in ASP/JSP. .htaccess is also usually supported, but if you want a login box on your page, not the Realm popup box for username and password, you're better scripting the username / password etc.

What sort of price / web space / bandwidth were you looking for?

  AragornUK 08:15 31 Dec 2004

This may sound like a stupid question but are you actually changing ISP and want to build a site on the free webspace supplied by them, or are you looking for stand alone web hosting?

If you want support for scripting languages other than Javascript etc then you will usually find you have to pay for a hosting package somewhere. Very few ISPs provide the ability to run PHP or ASP without paying extra anyway.

  Limariami 11:19 31 Dec 2004

Hi all - thanks for your feedback - ill post the message in the other forum.

I wont mention price, webspace, bandwidth for the moment. In any case, I am looking for a package in which I can add on options or change packages without being penalised.

I am not sure I follow your PS question AragornUK - I am looking for stand-alone webhosting, a package that fits around my needs. The problem is trying to figure out what my needs are in tehcnical terms, hence this posting.

One of my main concerns was the lack of CGI scripting, which I understand is written in PERL.

Also, it seems to me that the best offers are from servers who advocate teh Open Source technologies ie PHP/MySQL

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