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  compumac 13:21 31 Aug 2008

I am about to change my ISP to SKY Broadband and wish to advise all of my contacts in advance of my new e-mail address BEFORE I actually change to Sky. I have been on the Sky site and there does appear to be a page (E-mail & Tools) where, if you are a Sky TV customer you can create an e-mail address. The way I am reading that page seems to indicate that if/when I do change over to Sky Broadband that username/e-mail address will form the basis of your identity. I phoned the Sky helpline but the foreign sounding gentleman seemed unable to help and suggested another number to call, but after 20 minutes of hanging on I gave up, (actually the phone battery ran out.
I have an e-mail address that is a combination of letters and numbers and have never received any spam whatsoever, and therefore it would seem prudent to use a combination of letters and numbers again for my main address. My current e-mail address does receive a fair amount of spam and is composed of an abbreviation of my full name.

Question:- Is my belief that a combination of letters/numbers is an effective means of preventing spam or have I just been lucky?

  DieSse 13:57 31 Aug 2008

"Is my belief that a combination of letters/numbers is an effective means of preventing spam"

It's probably a great help in stopping spam - as much spam is the result of "guessing"(or generating) email addys.

eg - You could guess, probably correctly, davida davidb, davidc etc etc - attached to any ISP - but you'd be hard pushed to "guess" random strings.

  Poitier 13:58 31 Aug 2008

As regards your last question I think that your belief is misplaced and that it is not down just to luck that you have had no spam. I have an address that is a combination of letters and numbers ,it was chosen as my name was already taken as an address, I also receive no spam.The ISP uses a spam filter and I assume that that must help.When I was using a previos ISP I used a similar combination but was plagued with spam. Hope that you continue to avoid it.

  natdoor 15:20 31 Aug 2008

E-mail addresse have to be unique, so I would suggest that you get an acceptable e-mail address when you sign up with Sky before promulgating it. If you use a combination of alpha-numerics there is, of course, less chance that your choice is pre-allocated.

i suspect that spam is minimised by offering your address only to trustworthy companies and by encouraging personal contacts to use BCC for e-mails addressed to multi-recipients.

  walesrob 15:34 31 Aug 2008

Why not use a dedicated email provider instead? This way, your email address stays the same regardless of your ISP. Theres no proof that adding numbers or other characters will stop any spam, but it helps. Spammers tend to use "dictionary" attacks on email addresses (ie [email protected], [email protected], etc), I have seen this happen at many ISPs and some email providers.

I still have an old Pipex email account still functioning 2 years after I moved my broadband away from Pipex, but it still gets email for me and some other, I suspect, ex-Pipex users.

Another solution would be to use your own domain for email and host it at Google Applications or Hotmail Custom Domains.

  pj123 15:38 31 Aug 2008

I always use a hotmail email address. That way I can change my ISP as many times as I need and still keep my email address.

  compumac 15:46 31 Aug 2008

I would ask as to whether I can use my existing ISP (BT) e-mail address AND use a Sky e-mail address whilst still being under contract to BT?
That way it would give me a period of time whilst I ensure that all of my currently used contacts and those that I have not corresponded with for some time can be made aware of my impending move.

  bobbybowls 16:12 31 Aug 2008

get your own domain name, it does not cost much and you can use it with any isp. i use click here;jsessionid=6C7D3FC760CEFCED7B6FECDA1207CA18.TC33b?__reuse=1220194671361 there are others.

  wee eddie 16:32 31 Aug 2008

so that recipients can recognise that it's not span at a glance.

BUT ~ your name must be, as it were, hidden so that you can see where a spammer has picked up part of the address to send to you.

for example:- O'08-compu~mac-B'[email protected]

  compumac 16:40 31 Aug 2008

But, can I have two e-mail adresses with two separate ISP's (free) at the same time?

Can you clarify - dedicated e-mail provider and is it free?

  jimv7 17:00 31 Aug 2008

I use yahoo email for all internet logins, my telewest email is only used for trusted friends.

+ yahoo has an effective spam filter.

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