Choosing a cctv dvr system?.

  spuds 11:21 04 Dec 2013

I am hoping that any forum member can offer advice on a suitable 'budget' type cctv dvr unit.

I have in mind the Sunluxy range, suitable for using with 8 cctv camera units. A 500GB/1TB hard-drive would be installed for record and playback.

As usual, any information appreciated.

  bumpkin 14:54 04 Dec 2013

Don't know if any help but I use a PCI card for mine, records to another HD so PC can still be used as Normal.

  northumbria61 14:54 04 Dec 2013

Swann Security is another one to look at Swann Security

I don't know a lot about it but I know my small local garage has it installed. If you look under the heading DVR's & Kits you have a good choice. I think it is a system that you can always add to.

Here's another link Swann System

Hope this helps you decide spuds

  wiz-king 16:57 04 Dec 2013

I have had a Swann system for several years, 4 cameras, stand alone monitor and 320Gb disk and it has proved useful.

  bumpkin 17:01 04 Dec 2013

Looking at the links I am surprised how cheap they have become.

  spuds 10:20 05 Dec 2013

Thank guys for the response.

bumpkin - We considered the PCI card, and did attempt to use this system, but found that it was not suitable for our purpose, so went for a more commercial system.

northumbria61 - Thanks for the link's. We did look at the Swann products a few years ago, when Maplins had various Swann deals on promotion. We eventually settled for another manufacturer's product which as proved very good, but it now as limitations, especially with the DVR side, and new replacement cameras that we have recently purchased.

Sunluxy,Kare,Florean and KongTop, who all seem very similar came into the equation as a suitable DVR replacement. And there appears to be some good reviews about these named products, which I suspect possibly are all made on the same production line. I was hoping that there is someone using any of these products, and what is their opinion on them.

wiz-king - Its interesting that you mention a 350GB drive, because its been suggested to me, that 350GB is rather low, and one of 500GB or even 1/2TB would be the far better option. How long is the recording tome on the unit you are using?.

  wiz-king 16:47 05 Dec 2013

Hi Spuds.

At high res only about 7 days when used with the motion sensors on, that long enough for what we use it for as the premise is only every left for three days a couple of times a year. Mind you it was unfortunately not long enough for the local police when they wanted to look at something several weeks after the event.

  spuds 18:09 05 Dec 2013

wiz-king - thanks for that information.

I think that we might have decided on the Kongtop KT7908AC-A dvr unit. Apparently it as 'Linux embedded' for internet usage, which we might need to look into further. Also going on your information, it looks like a 1TB/2TB hard-drive will be in order for our purposes.

One of the decider's was the "supports audio compression", which our existing dvr unit doesn't, but the camera's do.

Thanks again everyone. Will now tick, unless someone wants to add further.

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