Choosing Anti-Virus software

  jonno0702 12:58 06 Apr 2005

I have just come to an end of my trial with McAfee and to re-suscribe it will cost me £50. Are the any other programs that are just as good or even better than McAfee at a better price?

  stalion 13:07 06 Apr 2005

many members on here use AVG it's free and it works I personally use the second entry also free and very good click here
click here

  Andknig 13:26 06 Apr 2005

I bought Kaspersky AV personal on the rating of PC advisor (5/5) last year for £26(ish). Its straight-forward interface and ease of use makes it good for me. I've had to use their support email a few times, and they've always been responsive, helpful and quick to reply. Bought on a download, piece of cake. Got the thumbs up from me!

  tenplus1 13:27 06 Apr 2005

Avast! Antivirus is the best FREE virus preventer/killer in my book, it can be skinned and even protects all major chat and p2p programs.

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Download and register online...

  Taff36 14:18 06 Apr 2005

AVG gets my vote - many of my friends have installed it and over the last 12 months none have had an infection get past it. The bonus is that forum members will tell you as soon as a new set of virus definitions are released - in case you forget!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:32 06 Apr 2005

You do not need to pay for good AV software, I also recommend AVG.

  jbp1982 15:13 06 Apr 2005

I have nine months left on my subscription to NIS 2005, I ditched it for AVG free edition. System is as sweet as ever now, it speeds away.

People on here like Avast anti-virus aswell. For firewalls I personally opted for Sygate but others like ZoneAlarm, again all free....


  Indigo 1 15:33 06 Apr 2005

Everyone will have their personal favourite A/V prog and a quick online search for comparison charts revealls a lot of different viewpoints too.

Some rate McAffee quite low in their comparison charts while others rate it quite high.

It's all down to personal preference and how your system is set-up and used. There is no "Best" A/V product.

Lots of companies can offer free trials of their product and this is the best way to find out which one suits you 'best'. just remeber to completley uninstall one before you install another or you will get some serious conflicts.

I can personally recommend AVG and Avast as I have used them both and had good results but would not recommend McAffee or Norton because they both gave me problems. It's all down to personal choice, and a lot depends on how they look and 'feel' in use.

You really have to try them for yourself to make the right decision.

  citadel 18:05 06 Apr 2005 has the lowdown on av, nod32 is the only one with 100% success rate

  DieSse 18:23 06 Apr 2005

NOD32 "The only AV program never to have missed an "in the wild" (ie real world reported virus) in 6 years of testing"

click here

It's also the fastest, with the least impact on system resources.

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