Choosing a 7 inch tablet

  mnopq 16:43 10 Nov 2013

I intend to buy a 7 inch tablet and have selected the Tesco Hudl, Amazon Kindle Fire and Asus Memo Pad HD7. The latest copy of PC Advisor puts the Hudl and Kindle head to head and seems to come down on the side of the Hudl, but nowhere in the magazine is the Asus mentioned - is this because it is regarded as a non-starter - it is well reviewed in other magazines. Prices are similar - £119 for the Hudl and £129 for the other two.

  nickf 17:04 10 Nov 2013

I recently took a long look at the acr 8" tablet running full windows 8 , it is certainly more expensive , but it is a full PC in a tablet . I eventually went for he Asus 10" only because I found it on sale at Tesco for £299.00 . It really depends on what you are looking to be doing on the tablet .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 10 Nov 2013

The best 7" tablet is the new Nexus 7 at £199 the older version can sill be had for £159.

Fire HD is a nice tablet but is limited by the Amazon restraints on op system and apps

Hundl screen has poor response time which can be frustrating

Have no experience of the Asus

Cheap tablets are not worth it in the long run IMHO

  mnopq 19:28 10 Nov 2013

I understand that the new Asus Memo Pad is basically the old Nexus 7 with some new tweaks, at £129

  nickf 19:49 10 Nov 2013

I cant comment about Android based equipment, as I personally find it restrictive , whereas with my windows 8 tablet I can use all the same programs that I use on my desktop PC . They are more expensive , but I think the extra flexibility is worth it , but it rather depends on what you are looking too be using the tablet for . Good luck with your search .

  woodchip 23:43 10 Nov 2013

Just got the hudl, and am happy with it, only thing is when setting up you need to create a google account, as if not it creates a nightmare. after resetting the starting from fresh and creating account its been no problems. Touch can be insensitive at times

  QuizMan 09:24 11 Nov 2013

I have just bought the new Nexus 7 for my wife and it is an excellent machine. I would not consider the Kindle Fire because of its cut-down Android on which it runs.

  The Kestrel 10:09 11 Nov 2013

I have also just bought a new Nexus 7 after reading many reviews comparing 7" tablets. Compared to my old Chinese tablet it is so much faster and much more responsive. It has a different quad core processor to the old Nexus 7 and 2Gb of RAM instead of 1Gb which makes a big difference to performance.

  The Kestrel 10:10 11 Nov 2013

Forgot to add that I bought my Nexus 7 on Amazon for £180 with free delivery.

  spuds 11:12 11 Nov 2013

If you intend to have the tablet for constant use, then do not consider purchasing one of the many £50/£60 tablets available on the market. I did just that, and found the battery life was very suspect, as was the unit on the whole.

From my own experiences and enquiries, tablets are being replaced at a fast rate with even better models at lower prices. What's the betting, that in the New Year prices will drop even further, while specifications get even better!.

  Batch 11:30 11 Nov 2013

One big advantage of the Nexus (amongst other Android tablets) is that it gets the latest Android release at the earliest (being that Android and Nexus are both Google brands).

I've had a Nexus 7 for less than a year and it has already gone from v4.1 through 4.2 to 4.3, and now 4.4 (aka Kit-Kat) is imminent.

By way of contrast, other Android tablets are dependent upon their manufacturers' doing the necessary to tweak the latest Android version to suit their hardware and so can be quite some way behind the curve (some never catch up).

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