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Choose an UPS for my gaming rig

  Eiji313 16:54 15 Nov 2019

Which one should I choose between APC UPS 650av and APC UPS 800av. I’ll only connect the system unit and the monitor to it.

Mobo: Gigabyte H310M H 2.0 Cpu: Intel i5-9400F 6 core 2.9 Ghz Gpu: Palit gtx 1050ti 4gb ddr5 Memory: 2 Adata 4gb ddr4 2666 Mhz Storage: 1tb Western Digital Blue Psu: Deepcool DE-500 v2 Case: Deepcool Smarter Monitor: Nvision ip24v1 24” and 24 watts

  Bris 19:53 15 Nov 2019

The av rating relates to the number of devices you can attach to it. In your case the 650av unit should suffice, however the 800av unit will power your equipment for longer. It should be noted that UPS of this type are suffient to power equipment for just a few minutes long enough to power the system down. The more devices you attach the shorter amount of time it will run.

  wee eddie 16:07 16 Nov 2019

My UPS was an 800va APC job, but it also had a Surge Protector and Filters for the Internet Access. I had everything plugged into it, but only had the Monitor, Speakers and Base Unit, turned on for most of the time. My PC is/was fairly low Spec.

In a simulated power-cut, the setup would run for about 6 minutes. Long enough to finish a small print job and close down, but little more.

The battery died after just over 4 years and I decided to save a shekel, or two, and bought a cheap replacement. Bad move. It shorted out, a couple of months later

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