Choice of three?

  Procrastinat0r 10:02 17 Mar 2010

I am about to purchase a pc and monitor for gaming I would really appreciate a second opinion.

I have to make a purchase of one of the following - 1st is preference.

click here

click here

click here

Monitors - 1st is my preference.

click here

click here

Based on cost / performance.

NB: I have to purchase from pcworld/currys due to possessing £500 of gift vouchers so replies based only on these choices or anything else these stores stock would be great.

Many thanks!

  gengiscant 10:57 17 Mar 2010

Well all three of them have not got very good graphics cards so I would get your second choice and use the difference towards a better GPU.

  Procrastinat0r 14:03 19 Mar 2010

Good point, I will. Thanks for the reply.

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