Choice "Think" quality going down?

  six-h 19:15 30 Mar 2010

I have a Cannon i865 printer, and have used these carts. for 6 years but recently I've been having grave problems with the BCI3EBKT (the large black one) stopping delivery of ink after a couple of pages.
This has happened on the last two replacements I've used.
Discovered that blowing (gently) down the vent hole gets it going again for another couple of pages but you do risk either a desk full of ink or black teeth and lips if you're not careful!

Never previously had problems with their products but have seen a few gripes posted lately and wondered if perhaps they are not what they used to be.

  rawprawn 19:50 30 Mar 2010

I haven't had any problems with Think (to fit Brother printer)at all. I took delivery of 5 new cartridges today so I will see how I go on with them when I need to load them next time.

  csqwared 20:12 30 Mar 2010

As rawprawn no problems to date (clutching large lump of wood!!) with Think carts (HP K5400). Have you tried contacting them?

  six-h 21:05 30 Mar 2010

csqwared, yes I emailed Paul Andrews last time I experienced it but didn't even get a reply.
That and recent comments on PCA forums made me wonder if they are still considered to be the mutt's nuts.

  Monoux 21:51 30 Mar 2010

This was my comment on recent thread

I have been buying compatables from Choice for many years and all was well with the cartridges until they changed from the two piece ones ( cartridge and carrier )to the one piece that look exactly the same as Epson cartridges. In fact if you strip off the label they have Epson moulded into them.
Ever since this change I've had nothing but trouble with getting the printer to accept the cartridges.
I know you can send them back for replacement but this happens so often it became a chore and I got so fed up with this fight to get it go work everytimne I need to change a cartridge that I have given up and changed suppliers.

I now use and they have been fine so far even allowing you to print without the annoying message " this is not a genuine Epson Cartridge.

  Technotiger 21:57 30 Mar 2010

Well I have not had any problems with Choice inks, but I did change my supplier a little while ago because I found cheaper. Not actually tried my 'new' inks yet, but have no reason to doubt reviews from other users, and the service is excellent, no Postage and next day delivery.

click here

  justjill 22:11 30 Mar 2010

I've been having the same problems as Monoux with Think Epson compatibles, so much so that I'm starting to doubt that they work out cheaper than genuine cartridges. Will try next time - thanks for the tip :)

  apianglo 02:05 31 Mar 2010

I`ve just taken delivery of "Think" inks from Choice recently, tried them today with my (admittidly old Epson printer) & they registerd empty, but also the printer is frozen, won`t respond to anything, I think it`s terminal.

  six-h 13:45 01 May 2010

I fear that the rot has set in with this company.
Paul Andrews has, it seems reached such lofty heights that he no longer responds to mail that is addressed directly to him.

I have replaced this particular cartridge now for the third time, printing a "Nozzle check" upon installation, all seemed to be as it should; an hour later, I find that the cartridge has dumped half of it's ink into my printer! Grrr...

It took me two hours and almost a full bog roll to clean up the mess.
Removing the dratted cartridge, I found that it continued to drip ink at approximately one (large)drip every two seconds....this equated to filling a teaspoon to overflowing within 8 seconds!
I had to attach the shipping clip to stem the flow.

Emailing "Paul" merely illicits responses from either Sam Prouse or Colleen Kennedy saying (sic) "These are now outside our years guaretee".

To add insult to injury, I have today received one of their sales emails, purporting to be from the elusive Mr. Andrews, and containing this inflammatory statement!

-Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% or your money back

Yeah! Right!!

  six-h 14:43 01 May 2010

Just followed the link in "Mr Andrews' email, and suspect there must be something wrong with my mathematics!
Single cartridges (C,M or Y) each £ 1.90

Special offer 6 pack (two each colour) £ 13.49
Save MINUS £2.09 BARGAIN!!!

Shakes head,...I really should have paid more attention at school! lol

  Arnie 16:28 01 May 2010

Since I realised they trade from Guernsey I’ve stopped using them.
When they dispatched from their Somerset address they were often next day delivery.
Not any more.

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