Choice Stationery guarantee

  Andsome 15:29 12 Aug 2003

I have always fought shy of compatible cartridges and only use genuine Epson, from 7 day shop. Now however, due to the massive price difference, and their guarantee to repair or replace a printer which is damaged by their cartridges I am sorely tempted.

Has anyone ever had a problem with a Choice compatible? Has anyone ever had reason to invoke their guarantee, and if so what was the response like from Choice? Do the cartridges last as long as the genuine ones?

Why not get the Epson compatible cartridges from 7 Day Shop? I do.

They're a fraction of the cost and I've never had any problems.

Both Choice and 7 Day Shop have given me excellent service over the last year.

  leo49 15:40 12 Aug 2003

Been using them for two and a half years. I've had 2 dud cartridges in that time which I simply returned with an explanatory note and a replacement was received by return of post with no questions asked.

In the case of printer damage however, I imagine the procedure would be more rigorous. After all, any bozo with a dodgy printer could blame the cartridge.

  Djohn 15:59 12 Aug 2003

click here Is also an excellent provider of ink/paper and other bits. I used their compatible ink in my Epson600 for two years, no problems at all and very cheap.

Also guarantee to replace printer if fault is due to use of their ink. All they require is copy of printer manufacturer stating the ink is the problem. j.

  TBH1 16:02 12 Aug 2003

I have used choice stationery for refills for a year or so now - - - and a better company would be hard to find. A mate of mine had to return a faulty cartridge - - absolutely no hassle at all. A bold statement indeed though, if they are promising to replace printers - - - if I wore a hat I would certainly be taking it off to them.

  pj123 16:19 12 Aug 2003

That is their point. None of their ink cartridges has ever damaged a printer. I have been using Choice for at least 3 years and have never had recourse to complain. They are not the only compatible ink cartridge supplier though and I would suspect the others would offer the same guarantee. It is the printer manufacturers spreading the rumours that compatible ink cartridges might damage your printer. At the moment I have an Epson 895, Epson C70, Epson C42UX and a Canon S300, none of which have given me any problems using compatible cartridges. I use Choice, Tonezone and 7dayshop as my suppliers and none of them have given me a problem.

  Andsome 07:38 13 Aug 2003

Many thanks for the replies. I think I'll give them a try.

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