Choice Stationery, £1 for re-cycling carts.

  six-h 22:00 19 Feb 2008

How does that work then?
They don't cost much more than that filled and delivered to your door, or am I missing the point...or a hefty price increase since I last bought some ink?

  bluto1 22:04 19 Feb 2008

Mine cost about £15.00 so that £1.00 might be welcome if they recycle mine.

  mammak 22:12 19 Feb 2008

The tail end of a recent email from Choice Stationary this explians how it works.

"Don't bin that empty cartridge!
When we dispatch your order and it is for a cartridge that can be recycled we will include a freepost envelope for you to do so. Plus if you order another cartridge at the same time we will give you £1 off. For more details please click here"

Thank you for choosing Choice Stationery Supplies and thank you for your valued order.


  mammak 22:14 19 Feb 2008

Oops sorry for that should read explains not explians.

  six-h 22:26 19 Feb 2008

Sounds painful!
My printer is a canon i865, and has 6 @ about £1.50 ea and I smile each time I replace one, thanks to following PCA recommendations when I bought it:-))

So they mustn't want my little canon ones back then, 'cos they didn't send me a returns envelope.
Thought Christmas had come early!!!

  colinb1604 23:43 19 Feb 2008

all ours go to help pay for the air ambulance in northumberland and tyne and wear, so they are put to good use

  six-h 12:13 20 Feb 2008

That's worth more than getting a few bob back in your pocket!
I'll make some enquiries near me for deserving causes.

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