Choice Stationary Ink - Not Happy

  Muckleface 21:21 08 Apr 2004


Ive been using my Epson Photo 900 with ink from choice stationary for a while now, but with the last two colour carts a couple of the colours have stopped working! Ive tried using the cleaning utility a few times and then printing a nozzle check but only 4 of the 6 colours print? Ive laso had this problem with my last black cartridge which suffered from blotching as well as clogging.

I cant afford Epson carts, so can anyone recommend any other cheap ones that work well?


  hugh-265156 21:32 08 Apr 2004

never had any problems with choices carts myself.

their support is very good,why not email them [email protected] im sure they will either replace the carts or refund your money.

  Meshuga 21:36 08 Apr 2004

Hi Jordan, Before doing anything else contact Choice and explain the problem. They are agood company to deal with and will replace faulty carts.
Their warranty is genuine.Meshuga.

  MIke 21:37 08 Apr 2004

I bought a black cartridge from them for my epson C70. It was a few months before I got round tio installing it, as my original Epson was still in use. Anyway I only got half a dozen pages of text from it before it ran out! I don't think it had been filled properly. And unlike Epson originals the ink wasn't as waterproof.

If you try somewhere like 7 you can get originals a bit cheaper as you don't pay VAT

  Giggle n' Bits 21:41 08 Apr 2004

you got from Choice or there is a cart head fault with your printer, as said above I would contact Choice before looking else where as they are as good as they say they are.

  JAMSARNNIE 21:42 08 Apr 2004

I have an Epson 680 Stylus Color and I too use compatible cartidges from Choice Stationery and have done for just over 3 years and have had no trouble in that time.
Have you contacted Choice about this matter as they not only offer a 100% guarantee on their carts but also guarantee that if they damage your printer they will collect and repair or replace it for you.
I have never had occasion to test them on this but I am fairly confident they wold honour their guarantee if they had to.

  josie mayhem 21:55 08 Apr 2004

Having the identical printer (epson photo 900) I have tried choice stationary, found that there was nothing wrong with the quaility, changed to there carts half way through printing a photo, and you couldn't tell where the change was made, assumtion no quaility loss.

But I did find that because for some reason my printer kept completing self cleans, that the cartridges did run out a lot quicker than the epsons, so in the long run I wasn't really gaining anything by using choice. So I have gone back to epson.

But do give choice a chance to recify this by phoning, most people do find them very helpful.

  Muckleface 21:58 08 Apr 2004

Ok, Im gonna give them a ring tmrw, Ill let you know what happens, cheers.


  frankie 22:01 08 Apr 2004

i had the same problem choice sales team are brilliant they will replace or they did for me check it out..any probs email me i will give you the md direct email..

  tobykim 23:49 08 Apr 2004

They will replace but I also have had trouble with chipped compatibles, I end up cleaning a lot and wasting most of the cart. The only ones I seem to have success with is Jet Tec the Inkfactory do a 2 for 1 deal but you would have to check whether that are available for 900 BOGOFINK do them on a 2 for the price of 1 and they have them for a 900

  spuds 23:53 08 Apr 2004

If no luck with choice, try click here who seem to have a cheap range for Epson

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