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  tes 14:19 10 Dec 2005

Has any one taken them up on their guarantee of a repair or replacement ptinter

  pj123 15:27 10 Dec 2005

Not since I have been using them (at least a couple of years) at the moment. All of their products have worked perfectly for me, so have not had any need to.

Why do you ask? Do you have a problem?

If so, try an email to Paul Andrews (MD) at [email protected]

They do have a presence on this Forum albeit sporadic.

  phono 15:29 10 Dec 2005

I have used Choice compatibles for years and personally have never had a problem, if you do have an issue let us know how you get on.

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:46 10 Dec 2005

I use choise and they are very good on any faulty ink cartredge replacement I have had about 3-4 faulty inks cos im a skin flint and use the cheap compatilbe ones for my epson 900 very prompt they have a loverly well manned customer support prompt and fast and reliable (suck up)nevr had to use there guarantee of a repair or replacement printer thought I suspect if there that good with ink replacement they should be as good with anythink else.

  interzone55 16:29 10 Dec 2005

I've also used them for some time, and never had a problem, even when I accidently ordered the worng cartridge and only found out after I had taken it out of the foil and removed the yellow seal, they took the cartridge back and sent me the correct one without complaint.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has experience of the new Think+ Epson compatibles, they're a little dearer than the normal compatibles, but they don't infringe on Epson's patents, so are safe from legal action.

  pj123 17:06 10 Dec 2005

I am using the new Think+ cartridges now. Haven't noticed any difference, still just as good. Which means that Choice can still offer compatible cartridges cheaper than originals.

  Totally-braindead 18:25 10 Dec 2005

I too would be interested to know if anyone has ever had to ask for a replacement printer. I haven't, I've used their cartridges for years with no detrimental affects on the printer and in my opinion the pictures are as good as using the original cartridges. The only thing that did happen to me a couple of years ago is a colour cartridge I just fitted wouldn't print properly. Ended up wasting all the new colour as well as the black trying to clear it thinking it was a blockage. Emailed Choice explaining the colour cartridge was faulty and complained that with all the cleaning I'd used all the black as well. Three days later a new colour and black were delivered to me at no cost.

  Kenneth-266656 20:08 10 Dec 2005

Got to agree. I've used Choice for compatible recycled cartridges for a while now. Had the odd problem cartridge but no problem with Choice - just advised them and received immediate replacement. Agree with SurfMonkey their customer support is excellent - very polite and very helpful, a refreshing change these days.

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