Choice of Skype Phone Philips VOIP 841

  compumac 18:14 26 Dec 2007

I currently have a Creative Labs Live! Cam Voice webcam and use a Logitech AK5370 microphone instead of the internal microphone of the webcam. This works fairly well when connecting to my sons home PC and he is at home. However his wife is not computer literate and uses a landline when calling us. I am considering purchasing the Philips VOIP 841 which is a dual usage phone and can be connected directly into my BT Voyager 240 ADSL Router. On that basis if my son were to also purchase a similar phone, those extended and expensive landline calls between us can be made at absolutely no cost (albeit without the vision). I do realise that there are cheaper Skype phones on the market but the various write ups that I have seen in respect of the VOIP841 are quite good.
Whilst being a dual phone the literature does not give any indication as to when a landline call is received as to whether the Skype phone will ring out unless the Skype option is already pre-selected. Anyone out there with thoughts on the matter?

  laurie53 20:37 26 Dec 2007

I have a Phillips VOIP 321.

Don't know how similar they are, but on mine for dialling out you actually select the Skype option when you dial.

For incoming you can select a different ring for Skype calls.

If you have two handsets you can make/receive a landline call and a Skype call at the same time.

  compumac 21:56 26 Dec 2007

I have been looking at the VOIP 321 for some while now and I believe that the VOIP841 is the updated version of it, albeit costing more. I would expect that the VOIP321 rings out just the same as a normal landline?
How do you find it cost wise against BT assuming you use Skype for your outgoing calls?

  laurie53 09:18 27 Dec 2007

I don't really make enough calls to gauge, less than half a dozen per quarter, mostly local and all short duration. If it wasn't necessary for our community alarm I would have dumped BT altogether years ago.

Main usage is to call my son in Australia, around £0.60 an hour, it would be free of course if I could persuade him to use Skype!

One thing to bear in mind is that with my particular model the computer has to be on for Skype calls.

However, I have an internet phone for the odd call (two or three a year) where I can't be bothered to wait for a boot up!

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